Every married couple and new jobs

Correction from yesterday: I had many people come up to me asking me why I did not like Welch's Grape Soda. I did not really make myself clear yesterday, so I feel that I need to clarify a little bit. While Welch's is not my favorite grape soft drink on the market, it is a very good grape soda. It is the most universally available grape soft drink currently on the market, so it is kind of like the Coke or Pepsi of colas. If Crush or Stewart's are not available, I would happily drink Welch's without shedding a tear. It is a good drink. on to today's topic.

Every married couple has a set of dreaded "in-laws." It just so happens that in my marriage, my wife's in-laws are the ones that suck. The day before we got married, my mom asked (and I quote), "I am still going to be the most important woman in your life, Right?" I almost wrecked my car when I stared at her mouth agape and eyes agog. Number 1: what an inappropriate question? and Number 2: If you have to ask, you are not going to be happy with the answer. It didn't help that I was driving on the interstate and it was absolutely pouring. Since we were by ourselves, I answered with the ever sensitive response, "You are the most important woman in this car, at the moment." Aren't I such the kind son?

Anyway... we get the "pleasure" of seeing them this wonderful Easter weekend. I love my parents, but they are rather tiresome to be around. I feel sorry for my brother and his wife, 'cause the 'rents are staying with them for about a week. Oh my goodness-golly-goshness I would be bat-shit crazy if I had to spend a week with those loons. My parents have elevated denial and revisionism to art forms. I swear the sky they see is not the same as the one I see.

On another topic... my wife just accepted a new position at OSU. So her time at the statewide domestic violence coalition is coming to a close. It has been a stressful couple of weeks as she has prepared herself to leave a job she loves, but with the little one's asthma acting up so much, it is in the best interests of our family that she gets a job with less travel.

I am sure that this topic will be quite the discussion point for the weekend with my parents. Oh boy!