I'm a printing mule today

I guess that makes me a kind of ass. Sure, it is a printing ass, but an ass nonetheless.

I hate working on Sunday's. This is an afternoon that I should be spending with my little one; watching him cavort around the house as if he owns the place. Let's be clear, he does not own the place. My wife and I own the place. We pay the mortgage, we keep up on all the bills, etc... He just runs the place.

So today, I am in the office printing shit-loads of handouts for a public involvement meeting occurring this Tuesday. Who-weeee, do I have a fun job. 200 copies of a five page 11x17 document. That's 1000 11x17 pages for the multiplicationally burdened. And one of my intrepid cartographers is in Vegas because his friends have insanely expensive tastes. Earlier this year he went down to New Orleans (or Norlans to you locals) during Mardi Gras for a bachelor's party, and now he is in Vegas for another bachelor's party. He has still another bachelor's party in Vegas later this year as well. All the bachelor's in question live in Central Ohio, and I guess make boat loads more money than I do. The other intrepid cartographer is sitting in a cube next to mine plugging away on some maps for the Asshat, so that leaves print duty for the King. It is good to be King... hail to the King, Baby.