Monday mornings

Firstly, here is the update on the little one's surrogate grandparents who watch him 3 days of the week. Grandma has been in the hospital since Thursday March 31st with some, as yet, un-diagnosed illness. It is quite frustrating for those of us on the sidelines wanting her to get diagnosed and eventually get better. Grandpa has been by her side most of the entire time, and those hospital rooms are absolutely horridly tiny. That being said, it has been a logistical nightmare for us and childcare. We are currently scrambling to figure out who and how and where etc... for the little man's days. The problem with using an individual as you primary childcare, no matter how competent, how compassionate, how loving, and how wonderful that person is, if something happens to that person your childcare is sent into a tail-spin.

There are many contributing factors to the difficulty of finding new childcare situations. Ooh a list, a list my day is complete, a list...

Number 1: Food allergies: Daycares are not properly staffed and/or equipped to effectively deal with children with moderate to severe food allergies. My boy is allergic to dairy, egg, soy, potato, tree nuts, and peanuts. It is difficult enough for his parents to keep track of all those allergens, much less someone working at a daycare. You have to control what food is given directly to him, as well as how much interaction he has with other kids during their snack times. We have a hard enough time getting his biological and surrogate grandparents to adhere to food protocols; we cannot expect a daycare staff to do the same.

Number 2: Asthma: His asthma is an issue mainly due to the breathing treatments. When to administer a rescue treatment and how to administer maintenance treatments.

Childcare, is a scary thing for us.

Oh well, on to a topic for the day.....

I just do not have it in me to rant today. I am sure that something will come up that will require a mildly amusing rant for tomorrow's post, but I am too tired and, frankly, apathetic today to rant about anything. Don't get me wrong, I am clearly pathetic enough to rant today, just too apathetic enough. I guess childcare woes just knock the "rant" out of me. By the way... silent frikking letters, what the hell are these about? Especially letters at the beginning of words that have no business being at the beginning of words. Knock, Know, Knot, Knife, Gnu, Gnat, etc... What vestige of what archaic language are lese left over from? That is all I could muster up for the day. Isn't that pathetic?