Cinco de mayo

Just so you know... if one misses a capitalization of a certain "M" in Cinco de Mayo, one loses the meaning of the Mexican Holiday but gains a half liter of mayonnaise. I honestly cannot say which is better to me. I no longer really drink that much, and I love me some ham sammaches. Cinco de Mayo is really just another holiday that Americans have appropriated to have an excuse to drink. St. Pats is another example of an American drinking holiday. Do we, as a culture, really need to steal other cultures holidays just for a drinking excuse?

I pretty much stay away from mixed drinks these days as well as wine. I think that I might be allergic to grain alcohol. Whenever I do drink whiskey, scotch, brandy, bourbon, vodka, orzo, or any other hard alcohol I immediately start sweating and my insides start burning with the fire of at least 7 small stars. As an aside, the results for tequila and rum are much more virulent. On the rare and odd occasion I will possibly have a beer. The problem arises when I have 3 or more beers in one evening. While not even being near enough to get me drunk or really even buzzing, when I get up the next morning, I feel like I drank a cat, an angry shedding cat without any vaccinations. So, no alcohol for me. It is no major loss these days, I would have missed the drink during college, but caffeine is my drug of choice now. "Yes, why thank you, I will have another Mt. Dew, why not just leave the pitcher?"