Still Allergic to Spuds

So, we confirmed it over the weekend. The little one is still allergic to potatoes, but he loves them something fierce. This weekend, due to lack of groceries, we had to partake of the fast food for a few meals. We had McDonald’s on Friday for lunch and the little one was mightily interested in the beautiful golden brown deep fried goodness that are McDonald's French fries. Usually we can keep Capt. Grubby Mitts from the fries, but on this occasion we were not able to. He had a few in his hand before we could stop him. Prior to him actually eating them, we decided that this might be a good time for a science experiment, and we began to test him for an allergy to potato again.

The results are in, and minor exposure to potatoes is okay, but there is definitely a reaction. With one exposure to potatoes the patient displays some gastro-intestinal issues. These issues manifest themselves in the form of, as described by the medical journals, "one amazingly stank ass." Diarrhea was not present, but the patient did have some gas that could fell a rhino at 40 paces. FYI: This gas seems to last for about 36 hours. To extend the experiment we decided to expose the patient to potatoes again at lunch on Sunday. Again, the patient was happy for the test, but the results definitely indicated a reaction. With 2 exposures to potatoes in less than a 48 hour time period, the patient continued exhibiting signs of "one amazingly stank ass" as well as itching and mild eczema. Diagnosis: Still allergic to potatoes. Other findings: as per Yoda: "Size matters not" when dealing with gaseous emanations... that boy's ass was rank.

Not only was the little one's butt quite rank, but he was farting like a retired person: loud and without abandon. He would light one up and then look to the wife and me for approval. It was something else. He should be feeling better by dinner time today. At least we hope, because our nasal passages cannot take much more.