The old "Switcharoo!"

Now it is the wife’s turn to go out of town, but only for an evening, and only for work. So, I guess it is not really anything like my weekend jaunt at all. The wife is heading out of town today for one evening only. Needless to say, I ain’t cookin’.

From the news today

Turns out Halle Berry is doing her part in the study of how brain cells store information. One may not recognize her for the ecepholonic work that she assists with, but maybe now she will be. Turns out that scientists are using images of Ms Berry to illustrate how people recognize certain individuals within their grey matter. The scientists are using images of Jennifer Anniston, Halle Berry, and other hawt celebrities mainly because they like looking at pictures of hawt celebrities. Can I blame scientist? Not really, if I could set my job up to where I was assisting in real research by playing World of Warcraft, you had better bet you sweet bippy (where in God’s green earth did that phrase come from?) that I would do that. It just so happens that these particular scientists like to watch Catwoman in slow motion, frame by frame, with the sound and the lights turned off, by themselves.

AFI released their list of 100 top movie quotes, and oddly enough, “Dude!” “Sweet!” is not on there from the buddy movie hit of 2000 “Dude Where’s my Car?”, nor is “Hail to the King, Baby.” and “Gimme some sugar, baby.” from Bruce Campbell’s 1993 cult classic “Army of Darkness.” Nor is “I came here to chew bubble gum and kick ass, and I’m all out of bubble gum.” from Roddey Piper’s gigantic mega hit of 1988, “They Live.” Who the hell compiled this list of quotes? No one says “Rosebud” yet it is on the list. I know tons of people who say “Chicks like guys with skills” but that was not on the list. American Film Institute just does not have it’s finger on the pulse of society. Take time out of your day and give me a favorite quote, won’t you?

In recap:
Me and the boy are bachelor-ing it tonight.
Comfortable shoes make the day nicer.
Halle Berry is pretty, but she is only a pawn in the practice of brain research.
I need the new Weezer album.
AFI movie quotes are geared towards old people.
Saddam likes him some Nacho Cheese
Tell me your favorite movie quote.
Well…. Duh!