For those of you that do not know, I only post when I am at work, unless I am going to post a picture. The pic uploading software is on my pc at home. Occasionally you will see an 11:00 pm post with a pic of the boy, that is done from the homestead, but all my other posts are done here at work…. much to the chagrin of co-workers and supervisory staff. So, when you see a post, I am at work. Yes, the Sunday timestamp is correct. Much like most of the weekends since April, I have had to come in at some point during the weekend.

There are only a few things that I have to get done here today to complete the tasks at hand, but they are all incredibly time consuming. I often wonder how much of my life is wasted watching progress bars. Currently, I am watching one telling me about a file conversion process, it is not very informative. I am fairly sure that I could be in great shape, if the time I spent watching progress bars were spent exercising or something like that. If I spent the progress bar time reading, I would own a library, but I spend the time watching progress bars blogging about my less than exciting life. Aren’t we all the better off for it?

Anyway, the wife and I went to the Cheesecake Factory last night to celebrate my belated birthday/Father’s Day and it was absolutely great. We both got dinners that both of us were interested in eating. In fact by the end of the meal, we had determined that she should have ordered my dinner for herself, and I should have ordered hers for myself as well. (We ate the leftovers for lunch today, they were good as well.) We have gone to the Cheesecake Factory before, and we know how the system works. The system for those of you who are Cheesecake Factory deprived is, you put you name in, they give you a pager, the pager goes off, you turn in the pager, they tell you to wait, then they call you name for you to be seated. Now, I am no expert in how one should operate a restaurant, but I think there may be a couple too many steps in that there process. It could be streamlined, if you will, by cutting out the annoying steps of turning in your pager and waiting for them to yell your name in the crowded foyer. So they give us a pager only to have us turn it in when our table is almost ready. That just makes no damn sense.

File done converting, I will post more about this later.