I have only a little bit before I go and pick up the little man from his care takers. This has been a complete waste of a day. I was never really able to engage into the work waiting for me at my desk. Sure I was able to get some work done, but my heart was really not into it. I do not know where this particular malaise is stemming from. It could be a multitude of things. I have not yet fulfilled my recently acquired mission in life of killing the dreaded hippo. Mark my words, Water Horse, You will die! Die I Tell You! DIE! My allergies are trying to kill me slowly with a death by asphyxiation. The Yeti is still out there being all nemesis-like… mocking me… judging me. We are waiting with baited breath the results of the house inspection that took place yesterday afternoon and lasted an hour too long. Any of those things could have led to my general sense of blah. Well, any and all of those things have probably contributed somewhat to my ultimate feeling of “meh.”

So last night both Wifey and Little Man were starting to feel under the weather. This led to some really un-satisfying sleep for the night by any of the 3 inhabitants of the house. The lack of sleep led to some rather quick and flawed decisions as to what to wear today to work. Those faulty decisions led to me picking a clean shirt that happened to be permanently stained. This led to me wearing a stained shirt all day long. I are professional lookin’. Maybe that is why I could not get into the whole work mode.

To recap:
You will die hippo
Wifey, why didn’t you warn me this morning that the shirt I had on was stained?
If you have not heard of FSMism or "Pastafarianism," you might want to check it out. I think I might be a convert
I am tired, and I am done for the day.
Well, you know you make me wanna
(Shout) Throw my hand up
(Shout) Kick my heels back
(Shout) Throw my head back
(Shout) Come on now
(Shout)Don't forget to say you will
(Shout, Shout) Don't forget to say
(Shout) Yeah yeah yeah yeah, come on
(Say you will) Say it right now, baby
(Say you will) Come on, come on
(Say you will) Say it right now, baby
(Say you will)