Me sleepy

Why is it that there is prefect weather for swimming, perfect weather for lounging around outside, perfect weather for soccer, perfect weather for sleeping, perfect weather for football, perfect sledding weather, perfect weather for grilling, but not perfect weather for working?

Today is the perfect sleeping weather. It is cool with a bite of chill in the air. It is raining steadily, but not in torrents. The rain is still a “pitter patter” rain and not a “stampede of elephants” rain. Sleep would be a very welcome, indeed. I want to be back in bed, pretty badly, not badly enough to kill co-workers, that is a course of action saved for the insanity brought upon by Muzak. Muzak is the devil.

Anyway… I would much rather be in the sweet embrace of sleep at the moment. Some of you are probably thinking, “Just quit your whining and get back to work, you lazeabout!” Well, to all of you out there in the blogosphere suggesting that I am a whiney little twit, “Shut up! You’re not the boss of me. I will whine all I want.” Ummm… and furthermore “Dammit!” I definitely have enough work to be doing at the moment, I just would rather be sleeping, or poking myself in the eye with a sharp stick. One of the two, but definitely not working. It pays the bills though, so at least I got that going for me.

Did I mention that I would rather be sleeping? I got my 2 intrepid cartographers working diligently, and I am working diligently when I am not complaining in vain to the blogosphere. Why am I complaining to you people? Number 1: you don’t really care. And Number 2: it does me no good.

I am getting back to work now.

To Recap:
Man, I am one un-motivated map-maker
Just be glad I am unmotivated instead of feral
5 days till the blogaversary
I expect presents
I do not know why my UK readers are not commenting
You could have a nice meat and potatoes conversation with my Canadian friends and I
Or are my readers from Canada Canadien?
Je ne c’est pas
The last conversation I had in French was on the online game World of Warcraft
J’adore Les Guerriers du Nord
Ma Vocabulaire, c’est terrible
I am thinking about adding “Moellering’s Bane” to my business cards
You will have to ask what I mean by that