Skull worshiping

Thank the gods for whoever in my section decided to cut the muzak cables in my area of this infernal building. Everybody else in this godforsaken place is currently listening to a softer, non-vocal rendition of “Hey, Jude.” Like that needs to be softer. Sweet mother of God, I would have killed at least three co-workers and eaten their spleens with a dull spoon if I had to listen to that crap all day long. I would be living in cubeville in a loincloth armed with a spear, living off the meat of my dead co-workers and praying to their empty skulls for guidance. No guidance would be forthcoming, so I would need to find new skulls. I would be a feral cartographer and there would be a never ending cycle of co-worker slaying and skull worship. Let’s be clear, nobody wants that.

Here is a pic of Little Man braving the net jungle of Sesame Place. I forget the Sesame Place name for this contraption, but it was a cargo net tube that was 4 stories off the ground. He was looking back at me wondering why I wasn’t just climbing out there with him in wild abandon. He is a fearless little one. Some other parents mentioned how brave he was. Let’s be clear, that boy is not brave, he is fearless. “Bravery” is action in the face of fear; “fearlessness” is a complete and total lack of fear. He is just starting to understand the concept of fear. Heights, as yet, have not entered into the boy’s lexicon of fear. As I mentioned recently, seems cartoon thunderstorms and Airedales seem to be his list of fear inducing objects.

Anyway… I got one of the 2 dreaded assignments off my desk. So now I can procrastinate until my next project I do not want to work on comes along.

To Recap:

Work is calling
I don’t want to work, it is 4:30
I pick up Little Man at 5
10 days till the blogaversary
I expect presents