Hey, Man, Can you spare a dime, I just need an Elmo!

Wifey’s throat is all scratchy, she is all chilled, achy, and stuffed up. I feel really bad for her, but, sadly, more worried about Little Man. It seemed, last winter, that any time Wifey or I got sick, so did he. Subsequently, every time he got sick he was put on Orapred due to his asthma flaring up. I am not sure that I can survive another winter of this.

On another matter, we have tabled the idea of moving Little Man out of our bed and into his own, until after Uncle G-Money visits us for Fowl Holiday ’05. That is just the way it has to be. We are not going to start instituting a new sleep regime only to parentally violate it the week after starting it. That would be insanely counter productive.

On another matter about Little Man, yet again. Seems the shower is not the answer I was hoping for as well. He did not like the shower one bit. His aversion to the night-time ritual can be traced back about 3 or 4 weeks ago. 3 or 4 weeks ago, I had a cut on my thumb on which I put a band-aid brand adhesive bandage. Little Man saw said Band-Aid and wanted one as well. It turns out that these Band-Aids were Sesame Street Band-Aids. We did not have any plain ones. Since then, my little boy has been demanding us to put “Elmos” on his arm.

Multiple “Elmos” are now his demand, and he has decided to forgo his bath for more “Elmos.” He only talks abnout his “Elmos” these days. I catch him staring at his “Elmos” all the time. Sometimes, I think he is talking to them. He doesn’t want to wear long sleeves, cause they cover up his “Elmos.” He sometimes stops in the middle of eating to attempt to get more “Elmos.” He really loves his “Elmos” …a bit too much.

It is an addiction, my little boy is addicted to “Elmos.” There I said it. My darling little boy is addicted to “Elmos.” He is trying everything he can to get his “Elmo” fix. He is badgering his caregivers for “Elmos.” He is only a few steps away from stealing from the house to fund his “Elmo” addiction. Then he will be saying his ABC’s up to J on the street to anyone who will listen for an “Elmo” fix… counting to 7. He is only a few steps away from being an “Elmo” whore. It He is getting pretty desperate for a fix. The big question I have though is, “How do you have an intervention for a 2 year old.” The other question I have is, “What are the withdrawal symptoms for an ‘Elmos’ addiction.” Will he need hospitalization? During withdrawal will he be a threat to himself and those that love him. I am truly concerned.

To Recap:
Wifey is not feeling well
Get well soon
G-Money is coming to visit
It is good that he likes to eat, for we will have food
My parents will still be coming for Fowl Holiday ‘05
Little Man has a problem
It is a problem with “Elmos”
Terrible 2’s are upon us