To sleep, perchance to Dream

So Little Man slept in his Big Boy Bed all night. We were, quite frankly, surprised that he did not wake up in the middle of the night and join us in the family bed. We checked on him regularly, mainly because we are insanely over-protective. It seems that Little Man sleeps much like any other toddler that I have ever heard about. I mean, he sleeps everywhere on that bed. His head was on his pillow when I laid him down. At 11:00 he was half hanging off the bed. At midnight he was back on his pillow and his feet were against the side rail. At 4:00 his head was pointing down toward the footboard and his feet were on his pillow. At 5:30 when I got up for work, he was laying on his head and shoulders and knees with his little butt pointed straight up in the air. I guess original sleep orientation means nothing to him.

Wifey said that he awoke a bit confused, but otherwise none the worse for wear. She said that made some rustling noises around 7 this morning, so she went to check on him. He was awake and in the hallway. They went back to the family bed and watched some TV for 30 minutes before commencing the morning rituals of eating and getting dressed for the day. All in all, it sounds like it went rather well. This all makes pretty good sense though. Prior to the soy allergy kicking in, he was almost sleeping the entire night on his own in the crib. As I have lamented before the soy allergy ended all of that.

Tonight, I imagine that it will be like fighting a cornered tiger to get him to fall asleep. He was pretty good at fighting sleep, but I am pretty sure that he will be pulling out his big guns this evening. I cannot wait.

All in all my body feels better from the more restful sleep, but my soul is empty due to the vacated bed space of my little one. It is difficult and yet still exciting to see your little one growing up.

It has been absolutely insane here at work. Well, that makes it sound like I have had tons of productive work that has required my attention. That would be a bit of a fabrication. I have had a very little bit of work that has been consuming every ounce of my time. FYI: I thought about making a metric reference, bnut “every gram of my time” sounds idiotic. Anyway… I have been doing work for Asshat these past few days, and he is, well, an asshat.


ass·hat: (ăs’·hăt), n Vulgar Slang, pl ass·hats

1. someone who wears their own gluteus maximus as headwear.
2. someone who has their own head up their proverbial ass

[Middle English asse, from Old English assa, perhaps of Celtic origin, ultimately from Latin asinus.]

He finally passed along edits to me for a meeting that happened at 1:30 this afternoon at 3:00 yesterday. What a jerk. Asshat! Asshat! Asshat! So I have been going nonstop for a good long bit now. If you excuse me, I am going to rest for a bit.

To recap:
Little Man slept in his own bed until 7 this morning
I have had very little time to even tie my shoes
That’s why my shoes have a buckle
Not like the Pilgrims’ buckle shoes
Those are just plain silly