Christmas Cards

Not much going on right now. I figured I would show you all the impending Christmas pics for the cards. Like I said earlier, I do not want this blog to just become a blog about my kid. I would like it, however, to still include blatantly kid related posts. I just want to write about other stuff as well. Today, since I am a rather boring individual, I will be focusing on my kid. Deal with it.

For the Christmas cards this year we have decided to print out 3 different and very distinct card variations. We will be sending out this smattering of cards to everyone as soon as we get them all printed out. Hopefully that will be tomorrow evening at latest. Without further ado the pictures:

Number 1.

The first picture is of our wonderful Little Man running full speed at the camera. It is, as they say, an action shot. Little Man is quite the energetic little cuss when it comes to running around and yelling “FREE, FREE, FREE!!!” especially at grocery stores.

Number 2.

The second picture is of Little Man helping us to decorate the tree. He is a helpful little cuss as well. I believe he has just taken off an ornament and put it on 4 times. Same branch, same ornament, 4 times.

Number 3.

The third picture is of our smiling little one. He is happy. “Why is he happy?” you ask, well, he has been shoveling homemade salsa into his face like there is no tomorrow. I believe at this moment he was on his third small bowl of the stuff. I swear he could eat his body weight in tomatoes, if we would let him. We try not to let him, but we also try not to let him run willy nilly through the grocery store yelling “FREE!” We try many things, but succeed at few. I had to digitally remaster this pic due to the vast amounts of cilantro on his chin and cheeks. I am a regular Photoshop wizard.

To Recap:
Something interesting needs to happen at work so I can talk about that
It has to be interesting, but not get me fired
Can someone please work on that?
My life is rather boring
Boring can be good
In this case, it is just boring
I promise I will have something more enjoyable to read tromorrow
Some of you may be seeing these pics soon
Most of you are seeing them now, actually
What I meant was that some of you will get hard copies from us, on our dime soon, with the cards
I am shutting up now