I do not want this blog to become one of those annoying blogs where all the author (yes, lofty to refer to oneself as an author when all one is doing is blogging, but what the hey) does is talk about the aforementioned author’s amazingly cute progeny. I think there is a balance that one must achieve. I feel that recently I have been focusing too much on how Little Man is doing , what he ate, how damn cute he is, etc… and not enough on how hippos are needing to die, and people with their footwear firmly ensconced upon their heads. To the non-parents out there, I apologize. To the parents out there, I am sure you all sympathize with this particular author’s plight of just wanting to focus on his child.

So, there it is. I am determined to write about non-kid related things.


Okay, I got nothing. I live a shallow empty life with no other interest than Little Man. He clearly has taken over most of my waking life. I watch Bear in the Big Blue House more than any other TV. I listen to Laurie Berkner more than I listen to NPR anymore. I truly got nothing. The only thing I really have is my Friday night World or Warcraft playing and that is sooooo amazingly geekerific that I shudder to mention it in such a public forum. My escape is TV, but I can’t even escape into TV with Little Man around, cause. Wifey can curl up with a good book while he tortures me with Teletubbies. Yes, I know I could read as well, but that is more effort than it is worth for me, most of the time.

To recap
I am a shell of a human
Little Man is the only interesting thing I got going on
He needs to sleep better
So I can sleep better
I've got as fever and the only prescription is MORE COWBELL!