Mardi Gras

Turns out that Mardi Gras is not that popular a holiday in northeastern Ohio.

As I remember it… it was Mardi Gras 10 years ago and Future Wifey, K&L, and I went to Cleveland for the big Mardi Gras festivities. Yes, we went to The Flats for Mardi Gras. Sure, at the moment, all of you familiar with current day Cleveland are wondering why the Hell anyone would go to the Flats for anything. Well, back in the day, the Flats was the happening spot in Cleveland. Now… not so much.

Anyway… we started the evening pretty much like any other poor college students, we had a big meal at TGI Fridays. We were in college and Fridays seemed like splurging for us. We were young, poor, and of questionable tastes. So we had a meal at FryDaddys, errr…. Fridays. I believe Wifey had Fried Fried Fried and I had the Fried Fried Fried Fried with Ranch and Bacon. A good meal was had by all. The four of us then meandered over to one of the many Howl at the Moon Saloons. For those of you who do not know, Howl at the Moon is a piano bar where the starving musicians take requests from people and play them a la Billy Joel’s Piano Man. It is typically a great time to be had by all. The musicians are all very well trained and extremely knowledgeable of tons of songs. It is truly difficult to stump them, and sometimes difficult to even get your request into them. Typically, in our wild in college days, Howl at the Moon was a packed house of rowdy drinking and singing.

Unfortunately, Mardi Gras is not celebrated in Cleveland. There were 3 other people in the bar when we arrived. We brought the total up to 7 people to the one piano player. Within 30 minutes the piano player was begging us for songs. He was interrupting our conversation consistently begging us to give him a song, any song, please for the love of God and all that is holy gimme a song, I’m dying up here. So we could say… “um…., I don’t know, ah, how about Come on Eileen again? ooooh, or how about Saftey Dance?” It was very pitiful. Piano men are not supposed to beg. That’s all, piano men are just not supposed to beg. It is unseemly.

To Recap:
Mardi Gras: big in New Orleans, really big in Rio
Mardi Gras: not so big in Cleveland, Akron, Kent, Youngstown, Streetsborough, …
Those places are better for St. Patrick’s Day
FYI: piano men do not like to sing The Piano Man
The Birdman will fly again tonight
Little Man rolled over last night, got a really grumpy look on his face and said, “Fire Truck.”
I think I am getting a cold
It could be due to how frikkin’ cold my cubicle is. Hickory Dickory Doc! did I just see my breath?
Bread and toast are NOT the same thing. Don’t confuse them. It will get ugly in your house should you try to shirk your toast responsibilities by giving bread instead
FYI: that toast should be on a yellow plate
Release the Kraken!