Thomas the Crack Engine

Back in bidness, baby!

It seems that the IT Surf Nazis may have over-extended themselves. They have retracted their policy banning the visitation of blogs. Somebody (not me) needed to access some blogs for professional reasons. He is one of our project managers for a contentious job, and he has to get to a bunch of blogs that decry him and his project as the works of the devil. As an Internet Super Villain he needed his access to these sights to see what was being said about him. He is paranoid like that.

Unfortunately, I have nothing to blog about. Saying that, I am not planning on rambling on about nothing today. That has been done, it is old, trite, hack-kneed, tired, etc… Today I will post on something close to my heart, my little boy and his penchant for addictions. It turns out that my little one is a Thomas Head. We did not really know this until this weekend. You see, we have been very careful in determining what children’s shows that Little Man gets exposed to. Not careful as far as, “Will this show be detrimental to my child’s development.” More careful along the lines of, “If I have to sit though this for 5 more minutes I will kill the next human I see.” Ergo, no Barney & Friends. The purple dino may have a good message, but I will be god-damned if I can sit though a 30 minute show of his voice. This is also why the denizens of the 100-Acre Wood will not be gracing the DVD player whilst I am in the room.

My little one is clearly addicted to Thomas. Wifey went to the Library and grabbed a new Bear in the Big Blue House DVD as well as, for the first time ever, a Thomas the Tank Engine DVD. Since Little Man woke up from his nap Saturday afternoon, he has only wanted to watch Thomas’s train-ish exploits. I have seen this particular video at least 15 times, and I am sure, excluding today, Wifey has survived it at least 20 times.

He is addicted to it, plain ands simple. He cannot tear his eyes away. It is a bit disturbing. The biggest issue that I have with this particular video is that all the characters are asses, plain and simple asses. Nary a one of them is likeable, but the theme song is catchy. At least it is visually enjoyable, even if the story makes me want to hit my head with a brick.

To Recap:
Internet Super Villian: 1 IT Department: 0
This is more than nothing, it is something
No purple dinosaurs on my DVD…. ever
Whiney the Poop will not grace my DVD player
Trainish exploits are pretty boring, on the whole
Why won’t anyone listen to Percy?
Is it because he is a God-Damned Lying Son of a Bitch?
Cause that is how they act
Percy: The track is out up ahead
Other Trains: STFU!! Noob!