Something Fishy

Ah, Lent. ‘Tis the season for all the fast food chains to dust off their fish sandwiches. This time of year, every fast food giant in the market pulls a fish sandwich out of their collective asses: Wendy’s, Arby’s, Burger King, Ralley’s (I guess it is turning into Checker’s now), etc… To my limited recollection, these fast food restaurants do not typically offer fish sammaches on a day to day basis. McDonald’s typically reduces the price for their Filet-o-Fish delicacy to increase their market share during this lucrative fish eating time of the year. Unfortunately for Athur Treacher’s and Long John Silver’s, people don’t typically want highly processed fish for fast food. Sure lunch room cafeterias have always had “fish sticks” as a perennial menu item, but I don’t really know anyone who craves highly processed fish. No one. If you crave highly processed fish, you might want to check and see if you are human.

I, personally, don’t much like fish anyway. On very rare occasions I will have something fishish, but rarely. If I had to choose a seafood-esque item, shrimp or crab would easily win out over fish. But now, with all the Catholics avoiding meat on Fridays all my favorite fast food haunts stink of heated oil and processed Cod. Yippee. At least there are only 40 days in Lent. That’s what I want to give up for Lent, the smell of fish.

I go to Arby’s for the roast beef and the occasional Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Shake (by occasional, I do mean mandantory). I go to Wendy’s for a sandwich smothered with bacon and ranch dressing. I go to Burger King because Little Man makes me, but I get their Tender Crisp Chicken sandwich there. Which ain’t so bad. I got to Ralley’s for their… Wait a second, I don’t go to Ralley’s… nevermind

The point is, I don’t want to go to my typical bevy of fast food restaurants and be assaulted by the smell of fish. If I want to go to a fast food restaurant and be assaulted by the smell of fish, I will go to a Long John Silver’s or I will bring a Captain D’s franchise back from the dead.

To recap:
Fast food stinks during Lent
My head ain’t right, Thank you Advil Cold and Sinus
No really, my head is a bit fuzzy at the moment
I am tired
I never met a shipwright that I didn’t like
I haven’t really met a shipwright though
So, I guess, I also have never met a cosmonaut I didn’t like
Truth be told, I really haven’t met that many of anybody
I have met a bunch of civil engineers, but not much else, other than geographers, but geography is not really a career as much as a mindset
I have met some civil engineers that I don’t like, but who hasn’t?
Today’s post was brought to you by the letter “Z”
Big Z… Little z, what begins with Z…..