I'm dreaming of...

So I have traded in my Caffeine Free Mountain Dew for Sunkist: Good, Good, Good, Good Vibrations. I feel like I should be wearing cut-off jeans shorts and a tank top and swinging from a rope into a river with seven of my buddies/buddy-ettes after a long day of driving around in our 1983 Jeep Wranglers.

Alas I am sitting at my desk writing a blog wearing some non-blue denim jeans and a red and white striped polo-esque shirt listening to co-workers make fun of how each other walk. They described my walk as being "smooth." I describe it as "smooth like a cat." Everything is better with a simile. I lead a storied life. Storied indeed. Dictionary.com definies storied as:

sto·ried (stôr' ēd, stōr -): adj.

1. Celebrated or famous in history or story: the storied journey of the Mayflower.
2. Ornamented with designs representing scenes from history, legend, or story: storied tapestry.

I define it as

sto·ried (stôr' ēd, stōr -): adj.

1. Dull, like SRH’s life
ex. SRH leads a storied existence, much like that of a common snail.

Storied indeed.

Tomorrow I have to travel to Cleveland to take pictures of 2 bridges. Yup, I have to take pictures of bridges and all their majesty. At least I am not tasked with taking pictures of Lloyd Bridges, him being dead and all. Summararily, I also will not be snapping pics of Beau or Jeff Bridges either (I think that is as far as one can take that particular joke). Nope just a railroad bridge and a highway overpass; that is what I get to take pictures of. Yea me!

Okay, I am done whining about this.

To Recap:
I lied, I am nowhere near done with whining about this
The office in Cleveland wants me to take the pics because I will be doing the renderings
They feel that they cannot accurately capture the essence that is “bridge” adequately to take the pictures themselves
I think they just don’t want to do this and are making me, because they can…
Okay, now I am done
Little Man’s allergist appointment went well
Beef and wild rice for dinner tonight
Taco Bell didn’t hit the spot for me for lunch today
I have to go and sign out a car, and a camera
The Yeti and I have been in correspondence
It has not been that enlightening