Yep, Little Man now has a vocation. One might think it would be a Tyson Chicken Tenders QA/QC Marshal. One would be woefully incorrect. One might think he would be a Burger King Ketchup only burger taster. Again, one would be woefully mistaken. One also might imagine that he would head the Thomas the Tank Engine wooden train track disassembly team. One really should stop guessing. One is making a fool of oneself. One should really just stop it. No, really.

This is how it all started. This morning whilst getting ourselves ready for the work day, Little Man asked me, “Papa, work?”

I answered, “Yes, Little Man, Papa is going to work.”

Little Man pondered on this for a bit. He went about his business with a quizzical look on his face. Then he asked, “Mama, work?”

Wifey/Mama answered, “Yes, Little Man, Mama is going to work too.”

Little Man pondered this a bit as well. He continued going about his morning routine. Then he asked, “Little Man, work?”

Wifey and I looked at each other, smiled a little bit and nearly in unison said to him, “Yes, Little Man is going to work.”

So, now Little Man has a job. He is the daytime entertainment for Grandma DonDon and Grandpa Ron. It is a tough job, and it pays for crap, but he will be working Tuesday through Thursday this week and the following week as well. Hey, he is only 2.7123… years old. I think a 24 hour a week job is enough. He works just enough to qualify for benes! Full dental, can’t sneer at that. He has entered the workforce, and Mama and Papa are so proud.

The drop off went well today. He discarded his jacket and socks and sandals so he could get to work. He had a job to do!

To Recap:
Taste Tester for Burger King… Did one really think that?
I mean really, Burger king pretty much ain’t screwing with their burgers anymore
At age 2.7123, he does eat 1.5 hamburgers from the King though
He eats so much, but is skinny as a rail
Ham sammich for lunch
What make sit good is the ham and bacon
Mmmm… Ham
Mmmmmmmmm... Bacon
It is gorgeous outside
Mama, Papa, and Little Man are all stuck… at work