20 Questions Tuesday: 1

Okay, I have been getting blogger’s block way too much lately and, honestly, I am not sure if I consistently have 4 days worth of blogging in me a week. I do lead a pretty boring and dull life after all, so from now on (until I tire of the concept) we are going to have 20 Questions Tuesdays. I always enjoy doing these 20 questions blogs, and I have heard that others enjoy it when I do them.

For those of you who sent in questions that did not make it this time, I got 20 questions within 2 hours of sending out my question requests. So, those question that were not used have gone into a "question bank" for future usage. Also, if you read this here blog fairly often and would like to be added to the 20 questions request, just write out what your email is in the comments section. What I mean is substitute the “@” symbol with “at” and the “.” with “dot” so the email spammers don’t get you. I switch up who I email from blog to blog so I do not overtax any one particular person. If you did not get an email from me this time, and you have in the past, I will most likely get to you again.

Without further ado, the 20 questions:

1. Shouldn’t you add blogger into part of your job title?
There are many things I should add to my job title to give a better impression of who I am, but Senior Cartographer/GIS Coordinator/Blogger Extraordinaire/ Snarky Bastard is not that catchy of a job title.

2. Why is life so complicated, and dependant up on how much money one has??
I think life is more complicated depending on how much money one does not have.

3. Movie you are most looking forward for??? Can you say transformers???
I am definitely looking forward to the Transformers Movie. Is it just me or is there something there that is more than meets the eye?

4. Do you love Pound Puppies????
Nope, I have never understood the appeal of Pound Puppies.

5. What city do you want to visit that you haven't been to yet?????
That is an interesting question. Currently, I would have to say Honolulu.

6. Charcoal or gas?????? And can you really tell the difference??????
Gas. The emissions are cleaner, in general. And one can definitely tell the difference by both smell and feel.

7. Is the ‘Little Man’ you keep referring to any relation to the movie out right now by the same name???????
Sweet mother of God, NO!!! I am disturbed that this movie got a green light. I guess there is a market for crappy movies like White Chicks!

8. Hey cartographer boy, this is 2006. I am tired of excuses about Greenland’s size being exaggerated on maps. What are they really trying to hide???????? I am 32 and have no idea if the actual size of Greenland is more like Vermont, Indiana , or Russia????????
Greenland is distorted on most American maps because the Mercator projection map was used given for free by the US Government during the cold war years to make the Soviet Union absolutely gargantuan and foreboding. If you notice on most of those maps, if they used a 4 color theory for the countries, the USSR was always the pink color, because that was the most noticeable. Greenland and Canada were unfortunately caught up in that distortion as well. Greenland is just a bit smaller than Mexico as seen in these side by side Orthographic projected images provided by Google Earth.

9. If you found yourself constantly daydreaming about a friends’ hot wife riding a horse, wearing a slinky Indian costume and singing a bad 70’s song, would you tell your friend?????????
Umm…. Never, although I do have this friend in Virginia whose wife is a fiery redhead who is known to wear a classic mini skirt Star Trek uniform on occassion…

10. What is the most horrible thing you have done to break a law but were never caught?????????? (ie speeding – how fast?????????? Stealing – what was it?????????? Murder – anyone I know??????????)
I have traveled through the entire state of Tennessee (all 118 miles {189.9 km}North to South) in 1 hour and 15 minutes. (I had to slow down in Nashville). I only did that once though

11. Why doesn't SRH have gmail???????????Honestly, I am a bit of a technophobe

12. Is Google hiring History majors????????????Not that I can see

13. Why do shorts make my legs look fat?????????????I am not sure it is the shorts, Tubby.

14. Is downloading Photoshop illegally something that will keep me out of heaven?????????????? I am sure that it is not the offense that will tip the scales.

15. Why does everything (yes, everything) taste better with ranch???????????????
Because Ranch is God’s gift to food

16. What do you get out of the whole "blog" thing? Why do you continue it????????????????
This blog is a nice creative outlet for me. It has been a way to start me writing almost every day. Sure sometime the writing sucks, but it is still writing. Since I started this here blogarooney, I have started drawing more and writing more stuff other than the blog. All in all this blog was created in an effort to help me express myself.

17. Why was the chicken so all-fired anxious to get to the other side, anyway?????????????????
Have you seen its side of the road?

18. How's the house-hunt progressing??????????????????
Not so good, we are thinking of just refinancing the current house and staying for a few more years.

19. Did you get any reply from Wheezer???????????????????
Nope, and I am a bit afraid I will not

20. How do you really feel about Cher, anyway????????????????????
I think there comes a time in every artist’s career when they need to realize that it is time to hang it up (I’m looking your way Madonna), and Cher should have done this about 10 years ago.

To Recap
Thanks to Monkey, Anon: if that is truly who you are, Dustin, and lsig for this week’s questions
When the Mayor’s staff asks for 3 maps in 3 hours, you are obliged to do your damndest
Sorry about the late posting today was absolutely nasty at work
Sloppy Joes for lunch today
Is this day over yet?
Next Tuesday will be 20 Questions Tuesday 2
I have to catch up on the rest of my non-fire-drill work now
If you have additional questions, feel free to ask them
Sweet Jesus, this day was freaking nuts