20 Questions Tuesday 3

Here we are again at a 20 Questions Tuesday. The third in our on-going series of looks into my answering abilities.

Thanks to Nadolny, Dustin, Denick, and Der Kieselebach for today’s questions.

1. What is your favorite color?
Green, but kind of a mossy, sagy green, and not so much of a forest or Kelly green though

2. How hard is it to deal with your naturally curly hair in regards to grooming time?
Not hard at all. This stuff is pretty much wash and wear, Baby! I shower (wash and condition the hair), towel dry, work in some medium hold gel, and walk out the door, briskly walk back in to door, get dressed, walk out the door, apologize to the Elementary School Bus Driver and load of kids for the aforementioned walking out nude, and go to work.

3. What frequently heard phrase in the English language annoys you?
Did you see (insert name of reality TV show of the moment here) last night? I couldn’t believe it when (insert annoying reality show personality here) did (insert annoying thing here)!

4. COSI or the Columbus Zoo?
Little Man is quite enamored with the Columbus Zoo, but COSI is a close second, and will win out in the winter.

5. How goes the house sale?
Poorly, we are getting ready to take it off the market, re-fi, and sit out at least 2 more years. We are in a very lucky position that we do not have to move. Our house is a good one, and all we will end up doing is increasing out equity and building more value prior to our next move. It is just the wrong season to be selling a house.

6. Tell me, if we give peas a chance, won't the lima beans feel left out?
Honestly, I think the Lima Beans always feel left out. Even more honestly, they are being left out for good reason. You see, they suck.

7. Being the super geek that you are, what, in your opinion, is the greatest sci-fi / fantasy movie to have never spawned a sequel?
This is an easy one. Tron

8. I am thinking of something blue. What is it?
A vase from a Tom and Jerry cartoon. See Jerry is trying to run away on a table, but Tom is pulling the table runner under Jerry’s feet. The blue vase was the center piece but has been slowly moving toward Tom as he pulls the runner under Jerry’s frantically running feet (it is a looooong table that only exist in cartoons and Versailles). Jerry jumps over the vase and at crashes into Tom’s head. His head is soaked, shards of blue vase are on the floor, and Jerry has gotten away. That Tom and Jerry, comedic genius.

9. Why does it seem that "bad bosses" outnumber "good bosses?"
Why do storm troopers outnumber Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie? It is a simple law that the ratio of good guy to bad guy should be horribly skewed towards the bad guy. Simple narrative laws… simple narrative laws.

10. What would you do for a Klondike Bar?
Not much, seeing as how I do not particularly care for them.

11. Who would win in a fight between a pirate and a ninja?
No one wins when pirates and ninjas fight. No one.

12. Where do ideas come from?
The idea fairy, duh.

13. Is it wrong to waste cheese cake (i.e. take a whole piece, eat 1/3 of it, and then throw the rest away)?
You, Sir, are dead to me!

14. After seeing some teaser trailers before movies this year should it be considered pathetic that I am really looking forward to movies that don't come out for another year?
Well, since none of the movies coming out right now look good, and they are already teasing us for next summer, it onl;y makes sense.

15. Best mug shot, Mel Gibson or Nick Nolte?
Nolte, hands down, but Gibson went much nutser than Nolte did. Nolte looked like crap and was a little belligerent, but Gibson went all anti-semite misogynist. Who calls a law enforcement official “Sugar Tits?”

16. Since it is now being called official what is your take on Heath Ledger as the Joker in the next Batman movie?
(Quick Photoshop of Heath from Brokeback)
I know there are a bunch of people who will probably disagree with me on this, but I think he will work just fine. It is good that they decided to make a younger more vigorous joker. I think he could be a nice foil to Bale’s Batman.

17. Can it be considered a slow news day when a video story of a 4-year-old driver makes the top stories on CNN?
It is not a slow news day, Americans just don’t want to hear about what is going on in the world. The mid-east is a powder keg, just aaiting to go off. Afghanistan is still active because of the resurgence of the Taliban, Iraq is still nuts. North Korea is still acting like a loose cannon. Iran is still actively pursuing nuclear tech. Castro is ailing. All of these stories could and should be first page stuff on Cnn.com, but the vid of the 4 year old driving is on the page.

18. Favorite mindless stress reliever at work, solitaire or spider solitaire?
Spider Solitaire, easily

19. What will you be doing when the apocalypse comes?
Can you give me a more specific time and date? I will let you know when I have more information and can check it against my schedule. My schedule? Sheesh! Who am I kidding. I got nothing planned.

20. Soccer, for some reason, is not very popular in the US for people above the age of 12. Why do you think this is and how would you fix it?
Here is the answer that snooty American Soccer fans always tout: Americans don’t understand the tactical aspect of the game. They just don’t get it with their stupid American brains.

This excuse is complete crap. Americans can and do understand soccer, they just don’t tend to like it.

Number 1: Soccer is a tactical game that has very few breaks in the run of play. Due to this relative few number of breaks, and fluidity of play, most people who watch baseball cannot get into it. Baseball fans are all about the slow tactical nature of the game, but they get by because they live for statistics. Soccer is not a game of statistics. Again it is a fluid game that doesn’t have many breaks but the field is gigantic compared to hockey and basketball. So the scoring is always much higher in hockey and basketball games. Those fans are not going to fall in love with soccer immediately as well. American football is a very static game. It is set play after set play after set play with high scoring (although if they made a TD worth 1 pt, the extra point worth .1 points and field goals worth .5 less people would like it. 7 – 0 sounds more impressive than 1.1 – 0.) The low scoring and fluid nature of the game being played on a rather large field really hamper American cross-over fan appeal.

Number 2: The US is not the best in the world, or really able to compete as the best in the world. America only wants to win. Period. Anything less than being Number 1 compared to everyone else means that the game is stupid and shouldn’t be played. Until the US teams are consistently pushing the top-flight national teams, and US club teams are consistently winning against the international powerhouses, soccer will not be popular in the US.

I am not going to get into what I would do to change it today. Maybe later though.

To recap:
Tomorrow we are back to my inane ramblings
Little Man finally ate a piece of pizza last night
It was made of Pilsbury Pizza Dough, Ragu Pizzaquick Pizza Sauce, ham, mushroom, and some soy derived mozzarella-ish cheese-like product
He liked it very much
It is difficult to make pizza that is dairy and egg free, but it turned out okay
I am tired