20 Questions Tuesday 8:

As it is a new Tuesday I have the newest installment of 20 Questions Tuesday. I would like to thank JW, Peefer, ZingerZapper, and Wifey for the questions today. Without further ado, the questions…

1. Have you ever licked your way to the center of a tootsie roll pop?
Nope, I have never been interested to either.

2. If you, or someone you know has, pray tell me- How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?
I come from a blow-pop area. There weren’t no Tootsie Roll Pops in my neighborhood

3. List in their order the 3 things that make you go "Ain't life grand?"
Thing, the first: Wifey
Thing, the second: Little Man
Thing, the third: Vanilla Bean Cheesecake

4. Chuck Taylors or Jack Purcells?
Chucks, most definitely Chucks.

5. If Weezer and Cake Got into a fight, who would win?
This is an interesting proposition. Initially I would put my money on Cake mainly since there are more of them, but there is a sense of depression with Cake’s music. So there is the possibility that they could just curl up and take the beating Weezer would bring. Cake would then write a song about overcoming that adversity and a song about how they were done wrong, and, ultimately they would triumph over the beating. That being said, Weezer doesn’t look like it is comprised of many bruisers, so to speak, and I think a few of the Caketians might have been a few scrapes. This is a difficult question. Difficult indeed.

Okay, Cake in round 3.

6. How many hours a day do you work? No, I mean "really"? No, "REALLY"?
Umm… currently? Or on average? It has been rather slow as of late, so most of my current “work” is trying to get work. On average, over my 7+ years at my position, I would say I work about 32 hours of the 40 hour work week. Over the past month or so… considerably less.

7. What is your favourite colour and why?
Forest Green, because I am woodsy at heart. (notice I left the Canadian spellings, how's that for cultural sensitivity?)

8. What stresses you out more: a child playing with permanent markers, or Hallowe'en?
Oh, the permanent marker most definitely. Little Man with a Sharpie is just asking for marred goods.

9. In a world without Mountain Dew, will it be coffee, tea, or me?
Definitely you.

10. What word is the most different (semantically) from "puppy"?
Tajikistan or possibly zarf

11. Which do you prefer? Crappy gray rainy day, blizzard snowed-in day, or burning up hot and un-breathable day?
Crappy gray rainy day, because well, there are less external factors that typically wil adversely affect one’s health.

12. What is your favorite color in a rainbow?
The issue with the electromagnetic spectrum is that, when shown simultaneously it is nigh impossible to isolate any one particular color. Every color blends and bleeds into the next until the colors span the entire spectrum. Plus, some color that we can generate with inks and pc’s are not perceivable in a naturally occurring rainbow, due to the refraction interference of the collective water droplets in the atmosphere. This causes much of the spectrum to seem muddied and dull.

Ummm… what I meant to say was green.

13. In honor of Steve Irwin, what is the scariest animal and the most loved animal in the world of SRH?
Scariest: Vampire Bears
Most Loved: I really am a cat person at heart, so cats.

14. Sandals with socks or without?
If the sandal is open toed, no socks, if they cover the toe, socks are acceptable.

15. If Arby’s went out of business where would you eat on Wednesdays?
Actually we have not been to Arby’s for a while. After 5+ years of almost constant Wednesday Arby’s consumption, my little Wednesday luncheoneers and I decided that it was time to branch out. Now we eat at many different eating establishments.

16. Why don’t people take the time to read emails – and then they call to ask you stupid questions that you already answered in the email or they don’t show up to the meeting because, duh, they didn’t read the email?
People are essentially lazy. Why read something when someone can tell you over the phone.

17. What’s your most annoying habit?
Hmmmm… this is a question best left for those around me to answer. Any answer I give would be pure conjecture. I am sure I will get an earfull in the comments section, but if I had to hazard a guess it would be that I sniff and snort instead of blowing my nose.

18. When was the last time you laughed so hard you snorted?
When Little Man decided to be a cat and “cleaned” Wifey’s face by licking her cheek. Good golly, that was hilarious. Now he attempts to do it while she weakly fends him off while uncontrollably laughing. It is a sight to snicker, guffaw, and snort at.

19. Most favorite shoes/brand of shoes? Why?
For consistency I would have to say Clarks , but Keen Footwear is starting to make a name for me. Merrell is typically good, but I would still have to say Clarks.

20. Why do people keep hassling you to breed again? They don’t like you – why do they want the world populated with your spawn?
They… they don’t like me? But… but… but my blog was even quoted in a major newspaper in a fairly substantial market. Sure it wasn’t the major newspaper of the market but still… Really? They don’t like me? I don’t know what to say……….

To Recap:
In answer to Question 20: Because Little Man is soooo darn cute
Went to a Train Expo this weekend
It was nice
Little Man now has a DVD of 1 hour and 48 minutes of trains going across the screen
I want to poke my eyeballs out or pop my eardrums
Actually, the imagery is not nearly as bad as the noisescape
Trains are noisy bastards, and 1 hour and 48 minutes of trains is enough to drive a papa bonkers
If you want invest a boat load of reading for very little to no reward, might I suggest the Bitterbynde Trilogy by Celia Dart-Thorton
No, I did not just get finished reading this trilogy
It has just taken about a year so I could start talking about it
Good lord it is horrible
Sometimes wonderful imagery followed by a horrid meandering plot with no resolution