L: 12 of 26

It is that time of week again. the time of week where I wax eloquent about a random letter of the Alphabet and its tenuous relationship with me. Today’s letter is the 12 letter of the English alphabet, the letter L. So dear readers, today I give you the 3 rd installment of the every increasingly more Random Alphabet of SRH.

L: Big L, Little l, Little Lolla lop, left leg, lazy lion, licks a lolli-pop

I thought long and hard about what L-word actually meant something to me, and frankly, I came up with nothing. Then I realized I was hungry. Then I realized that I am typically hungry when I write these posts. Then I realized that I typically write the posts before my lunch and finish them after lunch. So without further ado, in the SRH Randomized Alphabet L stands for Lunch.

Lunch is a time of day that is near and dear to my heart. Much to Wifey’s consternation, I have really gotten out of the habit of eating breakfast. Therefore, lunch is the first meal of the day for me. By the time lunch has rolled around, I am quite famished. Lunch is truly the break to my fast.

Lunch is also a time that is fairly difficult for me. See, I love going out to eat for lunch. I absolutely love it. LOVE it. I dig eating out at lunch because I did not have to prepare in any way shape or form that meal. I know I have mentioned most of this before, and even recently, but not for the official SRH’s Wacky Random Alphabetic Soup. There are 2 main issues that I have concerning lunch. The first is very general, and the second is more work related.

I have a need for warmth in my meals (aside from the random breakfast excursions of cold cereal). Meals are just food if there is not thermal heat associated with them. Cold cut sandwiches do not hack it for me. They just don’t. I know there are a boatload of you out there who are willing to tell me about the “best” cold deli sandwich ever. I am sure it is made with the most delectable thin sliced meats and cheeses with gourmet sauces. That might be the case, but I can make a Jim Dandy Fine deli sandwich, I just have to make sure that I have some kind of hot vegetable or pasta with the cold deli sandwich in question. It is just how I roll, deal with it.

Now there are times when I have a cold lunch. These times are few and far between and usually associated with me not paying for the meal. Lunch work sessions where the project has purchased the ubiquitously bland “box lunches” are such an instance. It is not my preference, but I do like the food for free. Somehow my pride has not gotten in the way of that issue just yet.

The other issue I have with lunch, is no matter how much I love or hate my job, it is just nice to get the heck out of the building for a little bit in the middle of the day. That is why I have found a group of folk that I will typically lunch with from the company. It is an integral part of my business day to pick up stakes and leave the business building. It just makes the stress levels go down. The conversations at lunch typically head to the gutter to places where mortals fear for their very souls. It is nice.

The barrier issue here is that lunches out are quite expensive over time. I just don’t make the kind of money necessary to go out for lunch 5 days a week and expect to have creature comforts at home. Truly, I do not make the kind of money necessary to eat out all the time and still have digital cable. So far, push has not come to shove, but when it does, the lunches will be done.

To recap:
Coming up with words for each of the letters is hard
And I have only done 3, as of yet
Tomorrow I will be eating in again
Little Man talks in his sleep
Quite enjoyable babble as well
Wifey’s tumor is hurting today
And she didn’t get lunch at a lunch meeting
She is quite unhappy about that
I have work to do that I am neglecting
So I have to get back to it
As soon as I am finished with this post
Yep, right after I hit the “publish” button
Shortly after this post hits the ‘Net, I will be working diligently
That is what I have to look forward to
Work that I am neglecting
Ooh, I cannot wait
I guess I should get it over with
Have a great weekend everybody