20 Questions Tuesday: 38 - Colors

It is that time of the week again, it is time for 20 Questions Tuesday. Today’s installment is all about color. Color is a electromagnetic phenomena that is absolutely fascinating. People have an emotional reaction to color. People like colors and they hate colors, sometimes for no reason whatsoever other than it feels like they should like or hate a particular hue.

Thanks this week go to Lsig, ACW, Belsum, Peefer, and Bomber.

On to the questions:

1. What is the best color for a toasted marshmallow?
The marshmallow needs to be overall a white color with the edges golden and just the hint of browning on the edges… mmmmmm….

2. Cage match: Bluish green vs. Greenish blue. Who reigns supreme?
Greenish blue.

3. Why is it a good thing for someone's True Colors to shine through?
‘Cause Cyndi Lauper says so?

4. What is your favorite color scheme for a map?
I am really happy with this one,
but as far as favorites go, I don’t really have one. Different color schemes work for different maps for different reasons.

5. Does Little Man have a favorite color?
Not that we know of. So far we have not seen a color that says “train” to him.

6. Really, what is mauve?
It is defined as “a pale bluish purple,” but the results you get with a Google image search vary greatly.

7. I heard that the human eye can differentiate more variations of green than any other color. Is this true?
I have heard that as well. It harkens back to our primal days when we were prey.

8. Ladies wear red to excite and attract the males - to bring notice to themselves in other words. Is this much different than in the animal kingdom where red is used to denote "danger", "I'm poisonous" and "stay away"?
No different at all.

9. Given that certain colors promote increased productivity at work, what colors would you change in your office?
Well, I think I would promote a cool color scheme with sea blues and the like. The drab gray that I am surrounded by right now is conducive to naps, not working.

10. Western society uses black for mourning and white for weddings. Eastern, particularly Indian, uses white for mourning and red for weddings. What other colors make sense to your own internal logic?
Blue = cold
Red = hot

11. Why is purple the color of royalty?
The expense of making it in the middle ages. Red is the color of royalty elsewhere for the same reasons.

12. How many times has your favorite color changed over the years? What was it when you were a kid?
3 colors, it started as a sunny yellow, migrated to an electric blue and has settled into the sage green family.

13. “Red” is often a nickname. Are there any other colors that would make a cool nickname?
Blue or Grey can work, but I am not sure how one would get that nickname.

14. Rainbow suspenders: fess up, did you have them? Did you covet them?
I did not have them, and I did not want them. I had rainbow tabs on my shoulders for one shirt. That’s how I got my “rainbow” on.

15. What is your skin colour in values of 8-bit (0-255) R:G:B ?
R: 200
G: 142
B: 124
Whities are surprisingly darker than they think. I sure was surprised.

16. If you could see the world in only two tones (e.g. black-and-white or shades of sepia
etc.) what two tones would they be?
I would go with sepia. It is just softer on the eyes.

17. What are your preferred screen colours when reading text? Please comment on your blog's adherence to this palette.
As far as screen color go I like dark text on a light background. My favorite would be that light green color that is similar to most accounting ledgers with a deep charcoal for the text color. I am not far off with the white text on a black background. I need to update the template. I am waiting for some other things to fall into place before I make the commitment to change the blogarooney, I will probably try for that text color scheme though…

18. What terminology does your family use when referring to an African-American? For example:
"Hey! Who didn't put a new bottle on the water cooler?!"
"I think it was that new guy."
"Which new guy? They just hired three of them."
"You know, the ____."
This is an interesting question. I would probably say “the black guy.”

19. Do you think that one day all of humankind will be one color?
I think the extremes will start to get more and more muted and/or rare, but I am not sure that genetics would allow for a lack of variety.

20. A recent report by the Oxford Hair Foundation in the UK has caused shockwaves in the Netherlands: redheads, it says, are dying out, and could become extinct as soon as 2060. The two main factors involved in this demise are genetics and migration. The gene that gives rise to red hair - and often pale, freckled skin - is recessive, which means it is easily dominated by genes for other hair colours. So if, for example, you have a brown-haired mother and a red-haired father, you are most likely to have a brown-haired child. So, there's talk recently that within this century, redheads will no longer exist. Your thoughts?
Redheadedness will become rarer and rarer, but will never completely go away. It will be one of those traits that will skip 4 generations and then ‘poof’ red-headed kid. They will then be made emperor of the world.

To recap:
I now am only juggling 4 professional things
By end of business today I will be down to 3
At least, that is the plan
Little Man talks about trains in his sleep
He talks about them in his wakeful hours as well
I guess, the point is, he likes trains
We are going to walk to the tracks to watch one go by this evening after we get home
I owe him that from last night
I need to get cracking on that last bit for today