K: 11 of 26

Ah, the 5 th installment of the Random Alphabet of SRH’s Blog is the 11 th letter of the English alphabet, K. K is one of those letters that harkens back to the proto-Phoenician alphabets. It is one of those letters in the west that has been part of our societies as long as there has been the idea of letters. So without further ado, I give you the Letter K.

K: Big K, Little k, Kitten. Kangaroo. Kick a kettle. Kite and a king’s kerchoo.

Oh, blessed K. I actually had to pick between 2 possibilities for K. At first I was thinking Kent State University because that was such a growing period of my life. I blossomed at Kent, well, err, ummm… as much as rugged manly men blossom, that is. My college experience was a really good experience. I absolutely loved it. I really became who I am today because of my growth as an individual in college. All of you can blame my time at Kent State for who I am.

But I chose another word that begins with the venerable K, actually a pair of words. A pair of words that helped define me as a person long before college started to mold and shape me. So for me, for now and for always, K stands for Krispy Kreme.

Oh, Krispy Kreme, how I love thee…

I have a special place in my heart reserved for doughnuts in general. Doughnuts are the perfect stand alone confectionary food. They are hand held, and easily portable. They have been deep fried (always a flavory bonus). There is typically a nice wide variety to choose from. They are, in essence, perfect. But even perfection has degrees. The highest of which, in doughnutdom is the pinnacle known as Krispy Kreme. For Krispy Kremes, or the Double K, are light and airy, yet sweet and flavorful.

I salivate at the thought of this sign. At it’s sight I have to use massive amounts of will power to stay away from the drive through.

Some people think that Double K’s are too sweet and that they shouldn’t be truly considered to be doughnuts because the meat of the doughnut itself is not cakey or a full blown yeast doughnut. Some people are idiots… plain and simple, idiots. They are simpletons and dullards, if you will. Simpletons and dullards.

I used to partake of the Double K more than people who worked there. Whilst I was in High School, my Boy Scout troop used Krispy Kreme as one of their fundraising schemes. It was REQUIRED that each boy sell 10 dozen doughnuts either every month or every other month. A door to door salesman I am not, so my family always ended up buying at least 8 of the 10 dozen. The fam would freeze 6 of the 8 to 10 dozen, and the other 2 to 4 dozen would be ravenously consumed within 48 hours of purchase. Those 6 dozen frozen delicacies would then be eaten as an afternoon snack until the next fundraising event. As and FYI: Double K’s heat up rather nicely in the microwave. The microwave brings them back to glisteningly wonderful life.

I will wrap up this Ode to Krispy Kreme with some random Double K facts about SRH.

The most Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts I have eaten in one continuous sitting is 24. Yep a full 2 dozen. The first 18 were easy, but the last 6 were purely consumed via will power. I was going to finish 2 dozen, Dammit!

Favorite Double K equals…I have two to choose from.

Firstly is their glazed. That is the everyday/every minute doughnut. When these are “Hot Now,” they are like eating flavored air. I can eat 8 without blinking. I have to conscientiously watch myself if someone has brought Double K’s for a meeting at work. By the time other people might have thought about picking up one, I could easily be on my fourth.

Secondly is there vanilla creme filled doughnut. This one is for special occasions, like when I want to enter into a sugar coma. Capt. McArmypants’s favorite doughnut from the Double K is the chocolate iced creme filled doughnut. Growing up, the Double K’s in ‘Bama would also run those bad boys through the waterfall of glaze. Oh, that’ll hurt the pancreas. Sugar shocked Ohio just puts on the chocolate icing ONLY ON THE TOP HALF OF THE DOUGHNUT!!! What is up with that?

Krispy Kreme doughnuts are made using milk and eggs. Little Man has not yet had the pleasure of partaking in the goodness that is Double K. I hope he grows out of those allergies, just so he and I can have some doughnuts together. Since the birth of Little Man and our recognition of his allergies, my Krispy Kreme consumption has curtailed severely.

I miss them, but I love Little Man more.

To recap:
Innovation requires buy in from people allowed to make decisions
I have too many irons in the fire right now
It takes asbestos gloves and a heat shield to get them out of the fire
I have neither of those 2 objects
I am only getting burned
Enough of this jibber jabber
I have work to get back to
Have a great weekend everyone