Meme is the Word

Uh…yeah…so…SRH won’t be joining you for his regularly scheduled posting today as we’ve decided to switch blogs for a minute. Both of us were tagged with the “8 Random Facts” meme (by Riley), and we decided to make it more interesting by supplying each other’s random facts.

So without further ado:

8 Random Facts About SRH

Fact 1: SRH is an Eagle Scout.

Yep, I mean the squeaky clean, loves God and his country, faithful to his wife, hates it when the flag is hung incorrectly kind of Eagle Scout. Which is completely at odds with his personality, really.

I mean he’s faithful and gets a bit honked off about the flag thing, but he’s actually quite liberal and hasn’t said the Pledge of Allegiance at any point in our marriage. On the other hand, he does do what’s expected of him and both his dad and his brother were Eagle Scouts, so an Eagle Scout he became.

Fact 2: SRH has never smoked pot.

In keeping with the Eagle Scout phenomena, SRH has never done any illicit drugs. None. Never. Not even the wacky tobacky, Mary Jane, the plant otherwise known as Ganja.

He says he’s never felt like it.


Fact 3: SRH wanted to be a comic book artist.

This was not the typical fantasy of a geeky, pimply, 13 year-old, either. SRH has real drawing talent and actually went to college as a studio art major. Of course, he changed to being a math major his junior year, and we’re planning to sell all his old comic books on e-bay, but it was a dream once…

Fact 4: SRH hates strawberry ice cream.

This isn’t really all that remarkable, however, it’s amazing that I didn’t know this fact about my husband for almost 9 years of marriage.

I just never knew. He never mentioned it. He simply failed to tell me this important facet of his culinary preferences. Apparently, it wasn’t “important enough” to mention.

We’re still getting over this one.

Fact 5: If it’s on TV, SRH will watch it.

The man has no self-control or discrimination when it comes to television.

Fact 6: SRH had braces for 8 years.

I know. Do you remember when people wore braces forever? Well, SRH was one of those kids. He started with head gear during third grade and was finally done with the torture devices in his junior year.

He says he wouldn’t have dated me in high school because I was a cheerleader. Let’s be clear. There would have been no dating. That’s true.

Fact 7: SRH hates to get his hands dirty.

And I don’t mean he doesn’t like to work hard (he doesn’t), I mean that he literally hates to get his hands dirty. He gets a distressed look on his face and makes a high squeaking noise whenever it happens. And he holds his hands out from his body until he can get to a place to wash them.

Apparently, this is where Little Man gets his “tactile issues.”

Fact 8: SRH has serious adoration for dioramas.

It’s the strangest thing, really. I don’t get it, and I don’t have any reasonable explanation. When at a museum, SRH heads straight for the dioramas. He’s fascinated by them. It’s a very strange facet of his personality – one of several strange facets actually.

So, there are the eight random facts. I hope you learned something about SRH that you didn’t know before. The man is a riddle wrapped in an enigma inside a puzzle…or however that saying goes.

So, now I’m supposed to list the rules and tag eight people. But since I don’t remember the rules, and I can’t really think of eight people I like, I’m going to skip that portion.

Feel free to grill SRH about any of these random facts in the comments.