X: 24 of 26

Today’s random letter of the SRH alphabet is the 24th letter of the English alphabet, X. Now before everyone starts remebering that the Internet is made for porn, I want to remind everyone that I try to keep this here blogarooney riding around a PG-13 or R rating. I mindfully stay away from sexual stuff and try not to curse like I fucking (whoopsy, I guess that one slipped through) do in public. So there will not be many porn references here today. Without further ado, I give you X:

X: X is very useful if your name is Nixie Knox. It also comes in handy spelling ax and extra fox.

Since I ruled out porn references immediately upon getting this letter, I really had to think about what X could mean to me. Was I going to cop out and say that it referred to the Roman numeral 10 and come up with 10 defining characteristics of myself? Was I somehow going to make the post about xylophones or x-rays? How many words really begin with the letter X? Would I make some weird leap and talk about how bags of flour were marked with 3 x’s? Would I make this a post about X-Treme sports? I had many decisions to make. I finally decided that I would go with X and how it refers to my place in American Society. When I think of X and the life and times of SRH, I think of Gen-X.

I am firmly implanted within the Gen X society at large. I started college in the beginnings of the Grunge era of music. I was, in many ways, lucky enough to watch the disaffected youth of America shrug off the glam, excess, and materialism of the 1980’s and whole heartedly embrace the dismal apathetic mainstream counter culture of the angst ridden 90’s. If the 80’s were about spending and creature comforts, the 90’s were about spending and self misery. Oddly enough, in modern times every decade in America has been about spending and something else.

Anyway… I got watch the people around me switch from their Guns N Roses themed attire and adopt the fashionable flannel, ripped jean, and overpriced thrift store trends. It was a fascinating time. Fascinating indeed.

But the question must be asked, “What about you now identifies you as a Gen-X-er?” Well, aside from my sarcastic cynicism, I have a pre-requisite goatee and tendency toward gloom. I am not completely hopeless mind you, but my cynicism does get in the way of giving people the benefit of the doubt. Wow, that sentence just reads very odd. I still purchase Pearl Jam releases and I was very sad about Nirvana’s demise. I am a slacker and definitely subscribe to the idea of ironic detachment.

Anyway… It floors me that the Gen-X-ers are now thirty-somethings, and that many of us have kids. What up wit dat?

To recap:
The Ubergeek fest ’07 was not nearly as fun this year
The people I went with were fun, but the vendor area had much to be desired
I probably will not be blathering on about it on Monday
Great! Now I have to come up with a topic for Monday
Just dandy! Thanks a frikkin lot Origins!
No songs running through my head today
None at all
If my shoulder is not feeling better by Monday, I am definitely seeing in a doc
Have a great weekend everyone