Monday Nothing

Nothing is happening here. Nothing at all. There is such a lack of stuff that one could easily say that the merest hint of something is not even possible with these vast vats of nothingness. There is enough nothing going on here to fill up 2 football stadiums with the icky sweet tang of nothinghood. If the amount of nothing I am encountering currently were a land-mass, it would be Asia. Now, my friends, that is a whole lot of nothing. More nothing than you could shake a stick at, that’s for damn sure.

So much nothing that I, honestly, am storing it everywhere because it can’t fit anywhere else. If this nothing were an atmospheric gas, it would equate to nitrogen… or carbon dioxide on Venus. That is a literal shit ton of nada. More like a metric shit ton the more I think about it. Can you even concept the amount of nothing that is? It is a whole lotta nothing that’s definitely true, but add to that nothing a bit of aught and a whole bunch of diddly-squat and you may start to approach the amount of lack my day is currently experiencing.

If I had any more nothing going on here, I would have to assume that people were deliberately keeping something from me.

To Recap:
‘Kssk’ These are not the droids we're looking for.
He can go about his business.
‘Kssk’ You can go about your business.
Move along.
‘Kssk’ Move along. Move along.
I have to exercise tonight
It is not going to go well
I imagine I will be hurting pretty badly soon
By soon I mean by Little Man’s evening bath
Little Man has been slowing down on his picture taking
Tomorrow will be the end of the 20 Questions Tuesday in regards to the “Future”
So at least I will have something to post about tomorrow
Go on about your daily business
There is nothing to see here