Digital Thursday

Okay here we are at the second Digital Thursday. What do I have for you lovelies to look at today. All images are clickable for embiggination.

There is a comic book art forum that I have been frequenting as of late that has different challenges every week. One of the things I am trying to do is to enter these challenges.

First up we have a challenge that called for a robot and a kitten. I was assured it could be a robot and a kitten, a robot kitten, a robot made of kittens, or any combination thereof. I went with an ex-robot and a kitten.
And then I made it into a bad LOLCAT with some "stoopid" text. It is a scanned copy of sharpie on a sketch pad. The text was added in Photoshop.

Second up is a digital challenge wherein the subject of the matter is where an average person takes down something super.

In this instance I made it a member of the 101st Airborne taking down The Red Skull. The image is built from 5 separate images with a few other images used as texture maps and color palettes.

Last up is something I worked up for my freelance portfolio.

This graphic depicts two mock-up cards for a non-existent collectible card game. I figured since I am a published artist in the gaming world now, I should attempt to get more work there. This one is done within Illustrator.

Comments and crits are always welcome.

To recap:
It is wet and yucky here today
I am still rather sleep derived
The ‘Rents will be in for dinner tonight
I hope they have more topics than their financial situation
I still needs me some new bands to look for
I also need an iTunes gift card to snag some downloadable content
Mmmm… downloadable content
The Columbus Crew plays LA Galaxy this weekend
It was supposed to be “The Beckham Game”
That is not the case now
Oh well, it will still be much like a playoff atmosphere
Both teams must win to get to the play-offs
But there is a good chance that neither team will make it
Have a great weekend everyone