20 Questions Tuesday: 76 - Motivation 2

Tuesday’s seem to happen more and more often these days. It is like they sneak up on me when I am not paying attention because if I were paying attention they would be creeping up on me instead of sneaking because “to sneak” typically denotes that they are undetected, while “to creep” seems to indicate just plain weird behavior.

Anyway… I have 3 tasks at work that I am currently neglecting because I am un-motivated, which leads in nicely to today’s 20 Questions Tuesday theme: Motivation. Yes, the very same topic from last week. The difference is that this week the questions come from Peefer, Sassyfrass (Nadolny), and Wifey.

On to the questions:

1. If YOU don't have motivation and I don't have motivation, WTF is going on? Is it the drinking water? I would love to be able to blame the drinking water, but no matter what level of potability water has, I am not sure it would be a motivating factor for anything more than peeing… well pooping if it is not very potable.

2. When did you peak?
I would say at 29. Hey, Little Man was born when I was 29… you don’t think… nah

3. What, of the following two, drives you more: fear or greed?
Fear. No wait, Greed. No Fear. Greed. Ack! I don’t know!

4. Ever been spanked?
Ummm.. What does this have to do with motivation? As a kid spanking had not been vilified as much as it is now. My dad did spank me once of twice, but it was wholly ineffective.

5. "I am the ovation in motivation." How come the preceding phrase never caught on?
Do I really need to go into details?

6. Opinion of the motivation posters. Are people really that stupid that they can be motivated by a snappy line and a pretty picture?
I believe this sums up my feelings rather nicely.

7. Anti-motivation posters. Hilarious or truly anti-motivational?
I am going to go with hilarious.

8. Prozac or whiskey?
Yes, that sounds delightful

9. Second child incoming. Motivation to exercise more?
It should be, but many things should motivate me to exercise more. Wheezing on the stairs, sleep issues, and aches and pains should all motivate me more.

10. Which is the more powerful motivator - positive reinforcement or avoidance of negative consequences? Please answer for small children, pack animals, and errant clients.
Small Children: avoidance of negative consequences. Small children are not really all that capable of understanding delayed gratification, so positive reinforcement is not a good trick to work on.
Pack animals: depends on the situation. It really is a carrot or stick depending on the situation. That is for the alpha to decide, and I am not the alpha.
Errant clients: Positive reinforcements… especially if you want to keep them as a client.

11. What motivates our child? (I'm truly curious here. He's way more like you, so I figured you'd know.)
Trains and root beer. That is about as good as I can give. He and I get into battles of wills very quickly, so I probably am not the best to ask.

12. Thoughts on "motivational speakers"? Have you seen one? Did it work for you? What disastrous life pattern were you trying to change?
I think that it is nice to hear others stories of success grasped from the gaping maw of failure, but I haven’t really found them very motivational. I have only seen one whilst in high school. I left that assembly thinking, “That’s nice for him.”

13. What motivates current mullet-wearers?
Cyclical fashion trends. One day they will be avant garde again. Probably not until the collective unconscious forgets how stupid people look with mullets, but one day!

14. What would a super hero with supernatural levels of motivation - this being their only super power - do?
My bet it would be to get the under achieving super heroes to live up to their potential. That would be pretty cool really. So many super-heroes out there don’t really realize the true extent of their abilities. I guess The Motivator could also get the thugs, henchmen, and underlings of the bad guys realize that they could strive for more if they were more law abiding and entrepreneurial. I think that would be the extent of the motivational powers.

15. Is your lack of motivation short-term or is it deeper than that?
Ummm… that is awfully personal, but I would have to go with short-term but deeper than that.

16. “The most powerful weapon on earth is the human spirit on fire.” --Ferdinand Foch. Your thoughts?
I believe the most powerful weapon on earth is the one that actually sets human spirits on fire. To conflagrate the insubstantial immortal essence of a person is quite powerful indeed, especially if that conflagration only consumes the ethereal spirit in its cleansing fire to leave a shell of a malleable corporeal husk to do its master’s bidding. That, my fine readers, is a powerful weapon.

17. Do you have self-sabotaging beliefs?
If by self sabotaging you mean “cutting my own brake lines to ensure my car will careen off a cliff leading me to a fiery explosion of my own unmaking,” then, “No.”

18. What really motivates you?
Why do you ask? What is the reasoning for asking the question? What is YOUR motivation?

19. Are you clear about your goals?
Crystal: aim low and be surprised if you get more.

20. What motivates you?
Right now? Not much.

To recap
Little Man is starting to get a little sick
We are hoping that “a little sick” does not become “a big sick”
Still on the quest for countertops
One would think that butcher block counter tops would be easier to come by
One would be incorrect
I am sooo flipping tired
Coworkers are tired of watching the yawns
Remember when everyone wanted to go to Recess so they could enjoy some recession?