Digital Thursday

This week’s Digital Thursday is a smorgasbord of digital drawing came from 2 different sources.

The first is from the weekly Ten Ton Studios Sketch Challenge. This week’s challenge was the Phantom from newspaper comic strips to comic book to film and back again. I have a soft spot in my heart for The Ghost Who Walks. This was a comic strip that I read in my childhood. The story lines would last for about 2 weeks and then a new story would start up. I decided to show the Phantom having kicked a white guy’s ass because so many of his exploits are about him kicking black folks’ asses. You see he is based in Africa. The child SRH didn’t mind seeing a white guy righting the wrongs in Africa while the native population sat by helpless. The adult SRH thinks that is a bit race-o-centric. Anyway… the Black and white version

And the color.

The second is something that Sassyfrass mentioned from yesterday’s comments. I give you the Fellowship of the White Star’s version of the Yeti.

Sassyfrass, I will send you the Hi-Res version this afternoon.

To recap:
Haven’t gotten the screws for the cabinets yet
I am a busy guy… you get the screws
Maybe we will watch a train this evening during dinner
Maybe we won’t
I have no idea what to do for dinner
A trip to the grocery store may be in order
Then again, so could a trip to Wendy’s
Maybe Mimma would like to stop by with food
I don’t know
Have a great weekend everyone