20 Questions Tuesday: 89 - Dustin's Day

Continuing on in the vein of last week’s 20 Questions Tuesday, this week I am being interviewed by the unflappable Dustin or Cotters in my Tummy fame. He has a fan club, where as I do not. As far as I know he does not have t-shirts though. Sure, I have not sold any shirts as of yet, but that is beside the point. The point is, he does not have any.

On to the questions… Oh, Dustin?

1. When did your obsessive love of cheesecake begin? Am I putting words in your mouth by calling “obsessive?” If so, too bad, my interview.
I was about 12 years old when one of my mom’s friends, who was a professional dessert confectioner had a chocolate chip amoretto cheesecake that had cracked. Restaurants won’t buy perfectly edible and tasty treats that are cracked so she gave it to the fam. I ate all but 1 piece. An obsession born.

2. What is your favorite internet haunt while not getting work done on the job?
Ten Ton Studios Forums

3. Who would win in a fight between Peter Parker, sans Spidey powers, and Clark Kent, sans Superman powers?
Clark Kent would take peter parker behind a woodshed for the beating of his life. Clark is a corn fed Kansas farm boy from the old school. Parker is a science geek without much in the way of physical action. Kent beats the snot out of him.

4. Pluto: Do you feel it should be restored to full planet status, or did you have your doubts from the beginning?
Oddly, Wifey and I just watched a special on this the other day. I am now of the inclination that it should not be considered a full planet if other larger objects whose primary orbit is around the sun are also not considered planets.

5. Last fiction you read and really liked?
The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.

6. Do you ever watch MythBusters?
Occasionally. I think it was a great idea for a quarterly special, but as an ongoing show it has traversed beneath busting myths into disproving whimsy. Before It worked with hard and fast urban myths and tried to disprove them. Now it has almost become an exercise in disproving stupid ideas. There just is not enough material out there for this to be a weekly gig.

7. If you were going to open up a store and sell customized T-Shirts, where in the country would this be and what would be the store’s name?
It would most likely be in Columbus, Ohio (where I reside) and be called “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem” because I would also sell shoes there.

8. Swedish Fish, Gummy Bears, or Sour Gummy Worms: which is superior?
In a fight? I would use Sour Gummy Worms. They typically are coated in granular sugar. I could hope that the sugar would get in my opponents eye. The others are just squishy and not at all useful in a melee.

9. I just had to get a tetanus booster shot. I hate shots. HATE them. Your feeling on shots?
They are not up there with my favorite things, but I do not hate and fear them as much as most people.

10. Is it wrong that I don’t even know how to change the oil in my car?
It would be wrong if you did not even know where to go to get your oil changed. It is a changing world and skillsets are changing. I am confident that if you were exposed to how to change the oil in your car, that you would, in fact, know how to do it if the need arose.

11. It’s snowing here in Seattle in the middle of April which is pretty much a freak event. Does Ohio get much snow after March?
Typically we can expect one good snowstorm in April. This year, I think we dodged it.

12. Beyond Hippopotami, are there any other creatures that you just can’t play nice with (aside from the Yeti of course)?
There are not any other species or breed of animal as a group I don’t place nice with. After Hippopotami and Yetis, it becomes a more individual hatred, isn’t that right, Cinder?

13. I just learned what a “Rat King” is today. Does that make me woefully uneducated?
The “cryptid?” It doesn’t surprise me that you may not have heard about it. It is an obscure one. If there is a more urban dictionary-ish meaning I am unaware of that connotation.

14. Hannah Montana…what’s the big freakin’ deal???
I. Have. No. Idea. I don’t understand the clamor. It does not make appreciable sense to me. She is not supremely talented and she has not really been super-marketed either. I understand the whole High School Musical thing (to a point). It was hyped beyond belief and targeted to a demographic with gobs and gobs of purchase potential. Hanna Montana just doesn’t seem to be advertised as much and yet has become this amazing phenomenon.

15. Best CD you ever purchased?
Ten by Pearl Jam… God, I am old

16. I’ve heard a lot of talk as of late about a manned exploration to Mars. Part of me is really excited at the prospect and another part of me kind of thinks that the billions of $$ that it would cost might be used to better feed/cloth/house/educate the people of this plant. Your thoughts?
This is a tricky question. People need goals. NASA needs a hard and fast goal to really help push the boundaries of human thought. I do think that someone needs to come out and say that we will step foot on Mars by 2020. Think about all the technological advances that occurred after Kennedy said we would step on the moon before 1970. BUT one should definitely think about what this means to poverty and other social programs. Here lies a massive problem. The problem is that the money for NASA and the money for social programs do not typically come from the same kind of procurement program. Basically NASA’s budget and social welfare budgets have little to nothing to do with each other. Personally, I would rather a president say we will be energy independent by 2020 instead of step foot on Mars.

17. What is your favorite Muppet?
Ahem… “Who is your favorite Muppet?”
I would have to go with Sam the Eagle.

18. I could never understand Kermit the Frog’s attraction to Miss Piggy. Even for a Muppet, she’s pretty ugly…right?
I would rather know how the Swedish Chef got a job cooking or WTF Beaker is.

19. Am I right to be afraid of David Bowie’s performance in the movie Labyrinth?
I believe you should be more afraid of his performance in Dancing in the Streets.

20. Can Little Man be next week’s interview-er? What kind of theme (if any) do you think his questions would have?
Little Man’s questions would most likely revolve around lack of proper parental response time and determining why we don’t want to stay and lay down with him at 8 PM. I am not sure we want 20 questions revolving around my inability to get Cap’n Crunch to him in less than 10 seconds.

To recap:
Wifey’s trip on the jet plane is a go
Therefore next week there will most likely be a break from the daily blogging
We will leave Friday and get back the following Friday
A full week of desert fun
Not to be confused with dessert fun
Which is eating
Mmmmmmm eating
I like eating
Eating = good
Thanks to Dustin for cowboy-ing up and taking on the 20 questions solo today
Listening to Why Go by Pearl Jam from Ten