Just a recap

Instead of boring you, dear fine readers, with another laborious writing exercise, I have decided to bring down unto you just a recap.

To recap:
No topic
No writing exercise
No problem
All recap
All day long
Little Man is a bit under the weather today
He is all congested and snotty
His asthma is also flaring up
We are hoping that it is similar to a bug I had last week
That only lasted 3 days
Overheard at work today:
“… made the Amish look like dirty whores.”
My question to you is, “What doesn’t?”
The Amish are just a randy cultural sect
Don’t deny it
Plumbers should get everything attached tomorrow for the new bathroom
Dare I say that we will have a downstairs bathroom this weekend?
I daren’t
Anyone want to volunteer for the next installment of 20 Questions Tuesday?
We bought a wall mount light for the new bathroom
We need a ceiling mount light for the new bathroom
We went with a vessel sink
That means I have to stain and poly the vanity countertop
Kick ass! Another task on my “to do” list
Karen: I think we will be attempting to employ your painter friend
It would be nice to remove painting from the to do
Unfortunately, the painting is a task I am capable of completing reasonably well
Such is the way of it
Sweet proton torpedos we have some laundry piling up
It is mainly my laundry at the moment
Just because of volume
Little Man has more articles of clothing in the laundry
My articles are just significantly larger
Wifey was reminded that I did indeed grow up in the south last night
It was my appropriate usage of the phrase “Good Gawd Damn”
I am a delicate little flower of a man
Digital Thursday is coming up tomorrow
I will be traveling to Phoenix, Arizona next Friday
So not next week, but the following one I will not be posting
I need a break
Listening to Moon Over Bourbon Street by Sting from The Dream of the Blue Turtles