20 Questions Tuesday: 115 - 4th Annual Blogaversary

It is always quite enjoyable to do retrospectives on the good old blogaversary. Since we are coming up on the 4th annual blogaversary Today’s topic is on 4 years of Under Construction.

Thanks this week go to: All Rileyed Up, Capt. McArmypants, Belsum, Lsig, John P., and Dr. B-Dawg.

Onto the questions:
1. Looking back over four years of blogging, have you noticed an improvement in your writing? Changes in your style? Learned anything about yourself?
I think there has definitely been an improvement in the writing. If nothing else the voice that comes across is much more consistent. I have learned that I can usually force myself to type about a page’s worth of claptrap out even if I don’t want to.

2. Do you think you will still be blogging in four years? Do you think anyone will? Four years ago, did you think you would still be blogging now?
I have no idea where I will be in 4 years or what I will be doing. Honestly, if I had to guess if I would still be writing into the twisting nether that is the Intertubes for 4 years, I would be hard pressed to think so.

3. What is your favorite non-English word for the number four?

4. Did you have a vision for this blog 4 years ago and how much of it have you achieved?
I did indeed have a vision for the blog, buit it was a simple vision from a simple man. All I wanted from this blog was a space to help formulate ideas and make them conveyable to others. Since starting the blog as a creative outlet I have gotten up the nerve to start being more creative in other ways. I have started drawing again and I have started looking into fantasy mapping for games and such as a potential money maker… I just have to find some PAYING clients.

5. After 4 years of trying to capture a portion of your life and share it with others, in what way do you feel English or any written language for that matter most fails to provide the tools needed to achieve what you want to communicate. (or is it more a lack of common philosophy?)
Written language has a difficult time with nuance and inflection. Just like you have to be careful typing out emails lest someone becomes offended, blog posts or any Internet missive for that matter could easily be misconstrued.

6. Most useful improved skill due to 4 years of blogging? a. Hyperlinking expert b. Faster typin' skills c. Improved writin' skills d. Desensitization of doing non-work related things at work without fear or guilt?
Let’s just say “Less than “a” space “href” equals sign open quote html address close quote greater than target word less than backslash a greater than.

7. How often do you have to resist the temptation to get all political and stuff? and has this increased or decreased in the last 4 years?
Every day I post I resist the temptation to go all political on someone’s ass. There are 2 things that hold me back. Firstly I am not that well informed about stuff that I would most likely be spewing partisanship upon, and secondly, I realized that I am not that well informed. Politics and hot-button issues are requests for flame wars. My blog is (and always has been) intended to be a place that is just for my fun.

8. I have always felt that the biggest mistake in the formation of the Constitution is the lack of term limits for President (which has been taken care of), Congress and the Supreme Court, do you have a counter argument. (Of course, I also feel there should be some sort of "Logan's Run" type program for all ex-presidents just to ensure that they really really "want it", so my Constitutional criticisms may come from a different place than most.)… Sandmen never run.
Ummm… I… hrrmmmmm… I have no answer.

9. Are you Consitutionally mandated to quit blogging after you finish your next 4 years?
Nope, but I might go all George Washington on this blog’s ass and voluntarily quit.

10. Choosing from only dead ones, which president acted in the most literally fascist manner during his term in office?
Hmmm… dictatorial with intense nationalism… I cannot think of any non-living president that would fit that definition… The US has historically been more isolationist than fascist. I cannot think of an authoritarian president that touted militarism and nationalism.

11. What contribution has your blog made to the economy?
None, I use a free host with free addons.

12. Does your blog have a foreign policy position?
Yes, this blog is about bringing people together. So far I have had some commeters from Europe, South America, North America, and Asia. This blog is truly a melting pot of my ideas. Questions have been sent in from 6 different countries and There are a bunch of people in the Czech Republic who search for turtle porn. I still need a commenter from Africa and Antarctica though. So one of you Egptians and someone from Little America, post a comment.

13. Do you consider yourself the chief executive of your blog, or the commander-in-chief?

14. Is your blog's approval ratings up or down?
At the moment they are up by about 10 points. My approval rating (number of daily visitors) hovers around a daily 40 or so, but lately I have been getting 50 hits a day.

15. How do you and the family plan on celebrating the blogaversary?
Hopefully with food.

16. What is the traditional gift for a 4th blogaversary (paper, tin, a new wireless router)?
Hopefully one of the co-workers will think that lunch is appropriate. I like lunches.

17. Why four year terms? Did the founding fathers just roll some dice and see what came up?
The founding fathers of this great democracy only counted the thumb, index finger, middle finger, and ring finger. Therefore the presidency was given in terms of four years. They felt the pinky finger did not count as a full finger and should therefore be tallied as a 2/3rds finger.

18. Have you ever worried about your blog staging an uprising?
Every night.

19. What new features will the blog have in its fifth year?

Hopefully some interviews. I might turn this 20 questions Tuesday on its ear and interview some of you yokels.

20. Boxers or briefs?
I deny that bivariate choice system. I wear Boxer Briefs

To recap:
I want to go home
I am tired and I think it is the stupid weather
I set up Wifey’s machine to print to the wireless printer last night
Now I need to set up my machine
Then I will be able to print without a wire!
My printing will be wireless!
Oooooh the power
I need to stop by the grocery today and figure out something for dinner
No… wait... spaghetti is is!
Listening to the sounds of silence