Yes we can

So there was this election yesterday and the guy that my little boy hit the submit button for won. Everyone in the household is beyond happy about this… Well, almost everyone is out of their head happy about this. Q seems to be out of her mind happy about drinking from a cup. Ice water is her favorite.

Anyway, yesterday was game changing. There was a palpable shift yesterday. I felt it and it was not gas (this time).

I do not get overly political on my blog because I don’t want it to become one of THOSE blogs. You know the blogs that I am talking about. But there comes a time when something so momentous occurs that as a citizen of this country we must pause and take note.

Prior to yesterday my children really could not become president of these United States. It really was not a dream they could hold on to. Prior to yesterday anyone whose skin was too brown did not really think that President was a reachable goal. Technically it was, but “technically” is merely a technicality. Did I honestly think the Obama campaign had a real shot at The House? Not when he started this journey. Around 3 weeks ago I started to really let hope wash over me. Cycles and calendars were starting to align. Drawn cards were of crowns and hearts. Constellations were in the right houses. Chicken entrails were painting hopeful pictures.

Even though all the signs pointed towards the hopeful conclusion, I could not fully embrace the hope trying to find me. It was not until election results were coming in that I started to let the hope thaw me… Yesterday was a great result for my family. Yesterday was a great result for my country. Yesterday was a great result for our culture. Yesterday was a great result for the world.

But, it is important to note that yesterday was not the culmination. Yesterday was only the beginning. Yesterday only matters if the future promised by it comes to pass. Yesterday reminded me that I have more to do for my little boy and little girl. Yesterday told me to get off my ass.

To recap:
Yes we can