Digital Thursday

Digital Thursday has come again and I have very little to show for it. Actually all I have are the digital tutorials I have been doing within Photoshop to share.

The first is a denim texture built from scratch. Openned up a blank document and used filters and effects as well as the dodge and burn tools to get the final effect.

The second is a rust texture, which I have heard from others is “OK” but lacking in the flakiness that rust typically has. I told them to make their own rust texture and leave me alone. They did… and now I am lonely.

The issue that I have had so far with the Photoshop tutorials is that they are very good at giving step by step instructions as to how one accomplishes the very specific result that the tutorial is designed to create, but the techniques defined are difficult to translate into non-denim making reasons (for example). Don’t get me wrong, it did teach me a bit about the dodge and burn tools, but other than that it was pretty much just about the denim.

The bed-time ritual tonight will most likely involve a movie night for the boy. Wifey is working until around 8 tonight and Little Man and Q will be left to my inadequacies. Goody for them. I really have not learned how to juggle the attention between the 2 kids as of yet. It seems so far that as I focus on one the other needs attention. It is a tough act, and I do not feel it is okay to say to either kid, “Suck it up, buttercup” just yet. Although, Little Man has done his share of sucking it up.

To recap:
Luckily there is food to be eaten at the house
Because I would like dinner
Yes, dinner sounds nice
Something with leftover brats or maybe a cheap pizza
Prolly the former
There is a better chance of being able to eat a leftover brat and rice or something than the chance of wolfing down a frozen ‘za
Did you see that? I just coined a new slang term for pizza
I am soooo street
Wait, the “soooo” cancelled out the streetness of “’za,” didn’t it?
And by “streetness” I do mean suburban middle class middle aged white guy version of street
Listening to Wallflowers by MC Frontalot
Have a great weekend everyone