Would you like to come up for a recap?

Just a recap today…

To recap:
The card is done and ready for Digital Thursday
My intention is to have the card emailed out prior to posting
Again, if you are interested in getting a card and I do not have your email
Send an email to me using the contact information supplied by my profile page
Taiwan is an independent country that is completely separate from China
I know this because as a kid my GI Joe action figures has “Made in Taiwan” stamped on their asses
Not “made in China” like some of my other toys
This blog is now illegal in China
Yet, soon to be wildly popular in Taiwan
I also had toys that said they were made in Hong Kong…
I miss the idea of Hong Kong
I think the British miss “their” Hong Kong” as well
My iPod randomly reset itself today
That makes me not so happy
I have slept a pretty good amount (for me) over the last few days
Why am I soooo tired then?
No Sausage Barley soup yesterday
Prolly none tonight as well
Little Man has discovered white chicken chili
It was a good discovery for him
I think that will be dinner for the evening
Bleck! I am not a fan of chili of any format
Mainly because I am not a big fan of bean based dishes
I do like green beans, however
Little Man, on the other hand, seems to be rather enamored of the slow cooked bean based slurries
I should write for a food magazine
Nothing says appetizing like “slurry”
Did I mention that my iPod randomly reset itself?
That is annoying, to say the least
Now I am listening to my meager 8 gigs of music on the PC
Of course that music is old and decrepit
Much like my knees
And, sadly, my ankles
I am looking forward to the reactions to the Holiday/Christmas card tomorrow
It really should be enjoyable
By enjoyable I mean not for Q or Little Man
Wifey and I love them though
They have also been given the blessing of Lord Pithy
Listening to Never Never Gonna Give You Up covered by Cake