20 Questions Tuesdasy: 151 - Science

Here it is time for the weekly (or is it weakly? –Reader, you decide) update. With the change of season already taken care of and a potpourri week already done I had to use the dictionary for a random topic. The topic it picked for me was truly random and even more obscure, so I just decided to call the topic for this week, Science.

Thanks this week go to Capt McArmypants, Wifey, and Some Other Guy. On to the questions:

1. So, in the Movie Weird Science, Kelly Lebrock was hot, and I mean HAWT (in an 80’s sort of way). What happened to her? I mean now she looks like a male transvestite, and not a good one either.

Umm…. 2 words. Steven Seagall.

2. Sid the Science Kid...syndromic?
While the show uses state of the art live motion capture to animate the character, the character himself is a bit on the syndromic side indeed.

3. When I was a wee bairn (age 18), a professor told me that he thought I had a future in science. I promptly replied that I preferred to marry a white man and have his food-allergic babies...in the context of history, was this a wise decision?
Very wise indeed.

4. Have any Weird Science questions yet?
Question number 1 in fact.

5. I thought so. It was the kind of geeky 80's movie, that would get a mention on this blog.
This is comment and a bit of a judgmental one at that.

6. Favorite scientist?
I have some favorite mathematicians, but they are not technically scientists. My favorite scientist is Dr B-Dawg. He has his PhD in p
hysics and conducts experiments. That makes him a scientist and my favorite.

7. Favorite science fiction writer? (they're kind of like scientists, right?)
Poul Anderson was one of my favorites. I also like Isaac Asimov, Piers Anthony, and a few others. My sci-fi is old skool!

8. Are you smarter than a 5th grader?
Yes, yes I am smarter than the average 5th grader, and I am bigger than them as well.

9. Are you sure?
Yes, I am quite sure.

10. Sure enough to get on the show?
They wouldn’t let me on the show… I talk smack.

11. Solid, Liquid, or Gas?
Plasma, baby.

12. Entropy or Enthalpy?

13. How many moons does Uranus have?
My anus is a moon…
that’s no moon….

14. Which do you prefer - the scientific method or a dart board when making decisions?
Going to go with a virtual dart board. The Scientific Method has too many steps.

15. Science Friday's on NPR. I"m always disappointed when I hear that it's Science Friday, but then I end up rivetted to the...er...console. Please explain this phenomenon?
Well, NPR has a way of making the most mundane and boring topics interesting from currnet events and interviews with obscure people to science on Fridays.

16. On Living with Ed, Bill Nye the Science Guy has a rivalry with Ed Begley Jr. Whose side do you come down on?
Bill Nye the Science Guy. The man is a genius at taking complex topics and making them palatable and interesting, even. He could be on NPR. Ed Begley Jr. is merely an environmentalist actor.

17. Will any alternative fuel sources ever really take off?
Yes, most definitely. Solar Cells are becoming more efficient every week, and fuel cell technology will be viable eventually. Even wind power is starting to be partially feasible. The issue I think that will make these more viable options is decreasing the electrical loads in the appliances that are plugged in. More efficient motors and mechanisms make feasible the less efficient power methods. It is in the meeting of the increased power production efficiency with the increased usage efficiency that alternative fuels will work.

18. Do you think people will ever go faster than the speed of light?
Yes, but not truly faster. I think people will eventually sidestep speed thus negating that barrier without defying the laws of physics.

19. Is there a universal theory of everything?
I think so, but it comes from determining a universal theory of non-existence. Science is paradoxical that way.

20. Coke or Pepsi?
The choice of the new generation, bitches! ummm... I mean Mountain Dew.

To recap:
I am starting to feel a bit swamped with stuff that needs to get done
And I am starting to figure out a work flow that actually works in Casa Del SRH
It involves some seriously LATE nights
That is just how I roll
Wifey is not too happy about that
She thinks I need sleep
She is prolly right
Got my flu shot today
Just the regular flu
I don’t quite qualify for the H1N1 vaccine
Listening to Sweep the Leg by No More Kings