20 Questions Tuesday: 160 - Potpourri

I was not feeling especially inspired this week, and it has been ages since I have done a potpourri of questions, so this week, there was no topic and I let the questioneers have free reign, and they were not terribly comfortable with the free reign. What the kids need is limits

Thanks this week to Belsum, Lsig, Capt McArmypants, wait... wait... wait a second. I have not been giving the respect to McArmypants that he is due... Capt McArmypants esquire, Wifey, and John P.

On to the questions:

1. Who ends up taking the kids to most of their appointments, you or Wifey?
Mainly Wifey now since my schedule has firmed up a bit more and I am further away from the childcare providers.

2. What’s the most in trouble the Little Man has ever been?
Little Man is sometimes annoying because he is 6, but I cannot say that he has ever been truly in "trouble." He really is a good kid and most of that can be pinned on his rule follwoing behavior. He is quite rigid in his sense of rules. In time I imagine this will change.

3. Do punishments increase good behavior for any period of time after the initial time out/grounding?
Again, he has not been really punished for much. The worst thing he is doing right now is selectively hearing what Wifey and I tell him to do.

4. Do either of the kids still have a blankie or other lovey object?
Little Man never really bonded with a singular object for overly long. He had a stuffed leopard that was a pal for a while, but that didn't really last too long. Q, on the other hand, seems like she will have the potential for a true lovey, but she has not found that object as of yet.

5. Are you interested in the "Clash of the Titans" remake?
Interested, and yet a bit flummoxed by it. Since Hollywood is remaking stuff, I understand why CotT got the nod, but there is something sacred about the old version.

6. What was your favorite part of the Olympics, assuming you watched?
I love the 4 man Bobsled/Bobsleigh competition. Gold for the USA this time around.

7. What is the best part of your new job? What is the worst so far?
a) I either directly or indirectly help hungry people to eat. That is just plain great. b) the commute is a bit tiring and I don't like mornings.

8. Who likes breakfast the most in your family?
Likes it? Probably me, but I don't eat it too much because it happens in the morning. I have been doing what I can to avoid the morning as much as possible.

9. So how much cooler would potpourri be if instead of overwhelming floweriness, it smelled like bacon and was edible? Yeh, I am describing bacon what of it!!?
So, you are suggesting to have little decorative bowls of bacon bits around the house to create a bacon-y aroma throughout the domicile? What is the rodent problem like where you live?

10. For the rest of my questions I have decided to send you the Olympics questions that I did not have time to complete, is that cool?
That's cool.

11. So the Olympics are over, do you think my "grass-roots" letter writing campaign for discus and hammer-throw on skates will be implemented by the committee in 2014? I really think this thing has potential. (Not so much a fan favorite type event, but the youtube clips will be the stuff of legend.)
I love the idea of the hammer throw on ice, but let's think about the logistics of this event. Is the hammer being thrown into a frozen pond and how thick is the ice on said frozen pond? Is the thrower on shore throwing onto the pond or on the pond throwing on the pond? How often does the pond's surface ice get replaced? I love the idea though.

12. Anybody else tired of the media making excuses for Vonn BEFORE she even started the race? I mean they are athletes don't you think most of them are playing hurt?
I think most of the reporters think she is pretty and are trying to get interviews with her because they think that if she meets them that they would have a chance.

13. Also, similar in them to Q3, I would like to see Taekwondo on ice. Would you be willing to watch this and or join me in my other letter writing campaign?
They get/have to wear skates, right? All for it then!

14. Whatever happened to potpourri? It was all the rage once. Now no one leaves smelly desiccated flowers all over their house and calls it "good".
I am not sure why potpourri went the way of the dodo bird, but it definitely did. My bet is that the olfactory aesthetic shifted from masking odors to getting rid of odors. Now when someone feels that a hose "smells nice" they do not mean smells like dried rose petals and orange peel so much as they cannot smell anything.

15. Why no topic this Tuesday?

16. How is the new job?
I like it, even though, it seems more challenging every day

17. Give us the analysis on the curling event for the Olympics. Did it live up to your expectations?
I did not watch nearly enough of curling this Olympics. I instead was playing Star Trek Online. When choosing between watching people slide a rock down some ice while screaming "Curl!" "Curl!" Curl!" in multiple languages, I choose killing Klingons on Parsis Beta 4.

18. Current beer recommendations.
I have had to stop drinking beer much due to gastro-intestinal reasons. I get really really burpy with the beers. Quite uncomfortably bloated in fact.

19. Something about bacon here...
It would not be good potpourri

20. Are the kids getting cabin fever yet? I can't wait for spring!
Who cares about the kids? Wifey and I are getting cabin fever!

To recap:
I would absolutely love it if Mississippi State's mascot became Admiral Ackbar
Seriously, I would buy their schwag in a heartbeat
And growing up in Alabama/Auburn country, that is saying a whole lot
Caprica is seriously slow... Sweet Jebus, I wanna see some robots killing people and vice versa
I am tired of this half cold I have at the moment
I am also tired of these sinuses
I can hear air seeping from one sinus chamber into the other
People near me can hear it too
They are pretty freaked out
Maybe I should see a ENT Doc about this
I need to get some kind of musical player device in this here office area
At the moment I am listening to 2 fundraising conversation and a conversation about gps tracking trucks and a conversation about line times associated with product pulling in the freezer
The truth is: I don't wanna work
I Just Want To Bang On The Drum All Day
Seriously Ole Miss could shout "It's a trap" whenever they kick off
Their secondary would be known as Rogue Squadron
They would be the Runnin Reb-el Alliance