20 Questions Tuesday:162 - Sports

Tuesday again and there are many questions to answer. This week's topic was randomly selected by a feeble mind, mine.

Thanks this week go to lsig, Lord Pithy, Dr B Dawg, Dr John P, Atmikha, and Sparky! On to the questions!

1. What is it about Ohio that drives its football mania?
I feel I need to clarify some of the football mania that you mention here. Northeastern Ohio is all about the Cleveland Browns, southwestern Ohio is all about the Cincinnati Bengals, and central Ohio is all about the Ohio State Buckeyes. Southeastern Ohio and northwestern Ohio are kind of on their own. In the case of the 2 NFL franchizes, it is the need to be identified with the plucky underdog with the never say die attitude. With the OSU Buckeyes it is the overconfident zealousness that breads the mania.

2. Is NASCAR a sport? How about figure skating?
NASCAR is a culture... not a sport, and I have a hard time dealing with figure skating as a sport since the scoring is heavily weighted on aesthetics. If figure skating were done in non-costumelike active wear would as many people be interested in it? I think figure skating is quickly becoming an activity and not so much a sport.

3. Why do people remain fans of continually-losing franchises (like, say, every team in Cleveland ever)? {Also known as the, "Why do I do this to myself? Year after year? What is wrong with me?" question}
Sometimes it is hard to associate with a winner. I think the fact that Cleveland has so many fans outside of Cleveland for all of its teams is because they never win everything, but they come close every once in a while. They are safe teams to love because their fans are not threats to the franchises of the day.

4. How on earth will I console Big Papa if LeBron leaves Cleveland?
Well, to start, I think both of you will have to stop calling out LeBron's name in the heat of passion

5. TRON: light cycles or discs?
Yes. Both will do nicely

6. I drew little hearts and unicorns on my jockstrap and the other guys stare. Are they interested or just jealous?
My bet is 25% is interested, 25% jealous, 50% confused, 24% DISGUSTED, 10% feeling bizarre because they feel interested, jealous, confused, and disgusted at the same time, and 3% completely thrown off that this adds up to 137%.

7. Trend-forward, what do you predict will be the new X-TREME sport of the 2020 Summer Olympics?

8. I like wrestling?
As a euphemism? yes... and for you everything is a euphemism.

9. How many words can make using the letters from "sports" only once?
If you have to use all the letters, only 1 (strop), for any combo of letters, 45.

10. If question 1 were timed would that make it sport or a game?
I think more of a game as long as it did not involve the Internets.

11. If question 2 were played while spinning in pads on a field with 20 other people simultaneously, would it be a sport at that point?
Depends on how points would be allocated.

12. How many sports have you played?
Actually signed up on a roster would be 2. Soccer and fencing.

13. What is the best sporting event you have ever attended not including the glory days of the Kent State University Golden Flashes?
This is an interesting question. I am taking out sporting events I participated in (so my soccer team winning the state tournament is out). Hmmm... the 2001 MLS Cup game between the San Jose Earthquakes and the LA Galaxy. DeRo wins it in overtime with a cracker of a shot.

14. We all love to see people at the top levels of performance compete so why not allow the use of any type of enhancement drug imaginable? I mean really that would be sooo cool to see how far humans can go with modern chemistry.
Why limit it to drugs? Couldn't we genetically and mechanically augment athletes to perform their particular sport more effectively?

15. Does a "sports package" really make a car more fun? I think it should include a football, soccer ball and croquet set.
Point of order, croquet is not a sport. You do have a very strong point about the "sport package" not necessarily being super sporty.

16. Can there be sport without competition, as in yoga, tai chi, ballet?
Nope. There cannot. Not to cheapen those activities, because nary a one of the three you mentioned am I capable of doing. Sport, I think necessitates keeping track of scores and winning and losing.

17. Why are professional athletes so glamourized and monetarily overcompensated, while professional soldiers are underpain and faceless?
Because war is ugly and professional sports are not. The best soldier out there is trained to kill people for a living and hopefully for a purpose. That, while heroic and socially necessary, is ugly and not something celebrated in a public forum.

18. What’s with lacrosse?
I know, who does Lacrosse think he is?... Actually I have been constantly surprised at how not popular Lacrosse is. One would think that sport would be a shoo-in for popular American sport.

19. Favorite women’s sport? Not a sport that is exclusive to women, just your favorite sport to watch women play…er, if that makes sense.
It is a predominantly female sport, Field Hockey, mainly because the players tend to be higher on the hotness scale.

20. What impact do you think the tremendous fall of Tiger Woods will have on golf, if any? I mean, no doubt he’ll play again and probably even dominate, but I wouldn’t want to have to walk the course with him the first time he faces the spectators.
I think it might have made pro golf more sexy and given the sport a caché that it never had before. Sure the likes of Tiger Woods will be few and far between, but now aspiring 15 year old kids everywhere want to have the god-like golf skills to dominate the PGA and shag numberless women. They really want the later part and now know that being at the apex of golf can get them that.

To recap:
Apologies to Belsum, I did not get your questions (which were very fun) until after I had written the post
This new job has Mt Dew at a fountain.... not like a chocolate fountain or anything, but a fountain nonetheless
It is baaaaad for me
Very bad
We cleaned the house last week
It looked great
The kitchen needs some cleaning again
Dishes! Why must you turn my kitchen into a house of filth and debauchery?!!?
Listening to an above normal amount of noise in the new jobberoony