20 Questions Tuesday: 170 - Crap Holidays

Columbus Day is still a US federal holiday?  Really?  Whatever

So, yesterday, during my day off from Job 1, I went into Job 2 for a good consistent amount of time.  It was really nice.  I tend to like Job 2, why can’t it be Job 1?  Everyone, keep your fingers crossed that 2 becomes 1 and the first 1 goes away... Did I mention that I am working 2 jobs right now?  Anyway the day off made me think about all the holidays out there that are really Crap Holidays... Ergo today’s topic.

Thanks this week go to: Nadolny, Dr JHP, Lsig, and Allrileyedup.  Onto the Questions!

1. I understand why some Native Americans are pissed about Columbus Day, but do you know anyone who actually celebrates Columbus Day (other than when some government workers go "woohoo" no work today, I almost forgot and went in.)?
I don’t know of any celebrations out there.  There were many jokes about celebrating by going to someone else’s house and claiming it as your own until the previous tenants die from a disease your brought.

2. Seriously, anyone?
No one, not even Columbus’s descendants.

3. What holidays would you remove from the Federal Holiday list?
I would modify the holiday’s just a bit.  I would drop both Washington’s Birthday and Columbus Day.  Even though I am not super keen on overly memorializing 9-11 too much, it should be a federal holiday.  I also feel that election day should be a federal holiday as well.   So it is an even trade.  

4. What's you favorite holiday?

5. Do you like any holidays that most people (Americans) don't even think about?
Canadian Thanksgiving... (which just happened, Happy Thanksgiving, you bunch of crazy Canuks!)

6.  Please explain the lack of interest in Festivus?
It is a made up holiday that was associated with a sit-com that went off the air 13 years ago...

7.  Groundhog Day. Other than a good movie what is the point?
It is a silly superstition day, that has been somewhat codified.  I would love to see more of these types of games.  Like Newt Day, where if a newt goes back to the water, your kid isn’t ready for life on their own yet.

8.  Bank Holidays...why do they get to set the agenda?
Theys gots tha benjamins, dawg!

9.  Bacon Day anyone??
Why yes, thank you.

10.  Please explain...(insert obscure holiday here) to me.
Well, (insert obscure holiday here) is a vestigial holiday left over from when the US was an agrarian society.  Typically on or around the date of (insert obscure holiday here) is when farmers needed to (do something labor intensive) for the (particular crop).

11.  What was the first holiday you and Wifey celebrated together?
That WE actually celebrated?  I think it was Cinco de Mayo.

12.  Most memorable Mardi Gras? (Trick question, obviously)
I believe it was before the Flats in Cleveland completely imploded.

13.  What do you think St. Patrick would make of the way American college kids celebrate the day he died?
Well, since college students don’t typically crucify druids, I think St Patrick would be appalled.

14. What percentage of people do you think are actually thankful on Thanksgiving? 
1%   (HA!  see what I did there? #OWS baby!)

15.  "Sweetest Day"?  Really?
I hate the mere idea of “Sweetest Day.”

16.  What is your least favorite crap holiday?
Hmmm... The aforementioned “Sweetest Day.”  It is a day that is completely manufactured by a cynical gift industry.

17.  Most favorite crap holiday?
Belly Laugh Day... Look it up!

18.  Does any part of you feel sorry for the fact that Columbus died a poor, destitute man?
Yes, I think it is terrible when anyone dies poor and destitute.

19.  Don't you live in Columbus? Any big celebrations?
Gigantic celebrations.  Last night we had the traditional Sherried Chicken in Ziti with Brocolli, and then a trip to Dairy Queen so the kids could have about 1/4th of a pumpkin pie Blizzard.

20.  Have you ever given someone a crap holiday card? If so, please provide details.
Yes, for their birthday.  I gave someone an Arbor Day card once for their December birthday, I scratched out "Arbor Day" and wrote in "Birthday."   ‘cause, that’s how I roll!

To recap:
I need more sleep
Who doesn’t?
I have 3 interviews going on simultaneously
I am at 15, 12, and 10
I imagine that some of you may know who some of these people are
Most of you will not
That is why I do the interviews
I am much less a blogger and more a correspondent
Seriously, if you want to be a part of the questioning, leave me a comment
US v Ecuador tonight and the USMNT lost 0 -1
There were stretches where they looked pretty okay
How is that for some comments on the game?
“Pretty okay”
That is “pretty ambivalent”
Watching “Top Shot” right now on History Channel
Jake is a dick
Have a great weekend