Digital Thursday

The November Cartographer’s Guild Challenge is a space traveler’s map. The idea is that the map has to encompass at least more than a planet. Maybe a planet and it’s moons, maybe a solar system, maybe a galaxy, maybe a universe, potentially a multiverse, but definitely more than a typical planet map. Anyhoo… I decided to do a space-farer’s solar system map in a Victorian style with portraits and filigris and cartouches and scrollwork and such.

Here is the basic concept.

And here are the insets for the lower left and lower right portraits. I, of course still need to add the borders and scallops and plaques and stuff to them.
At first with trips to Battle Creek and Thanksgiving holidays and other obligatory stuff, but since Wifey and Q are in Massachusetts and Little Man will be spending the evening with Mim on Friday, I have some time to push this mapping challenge out.

Things left to get finished

The filigris (one can never have too much filigris)
The cartouches (2 styles to be mirrored)
The coats-of-arms
The border elements
Oh! And the map

Ummm… sooo… pretty much everything

So… at least I have that going on for me.

To recap:
Day 1 of bach-ing it with Little Man and he is alive and well
Last night he had Chinese food for the first time ever
He did really well with it
Amazingly well when you consider that he has never really had any of that Asian flavor set before
Chicken fried rice and some lo mien
Nothing too crazy
He doesn’t quite get my love of the egg-roll
No one really does… to tell the truth
I don’t sleep so well without the Wifey in town
Not listening to anything
Have a great weekend