20 Questions Tuesday: 174 - Weather

Well, we are going back to the more typical format this week. The last three week’s worth of interviews are abso-fuckin-lutely amaziballs!  I want to thank the 2 gentlemen and Dave again for their interviews.  I have some more interviews on the way.  I have one in the can, that will post next week, I have one about half done, and one into the hands of a great interviewee.  

So this week the weather has finally shifted to the cold part of autumn, so this week’s 20 Questions will all be about the weather.  The problem with this shift is that in Columbus, during the shifty time, is that is swings back and forth.  It is cold and blustery.  It is not so cold and not so blustery. It is cold and blustery. It is not so cold and not so blustery. etc… Anyway… it is now more cold and blustery… except for today, which is not so cold and not so blustery.  

Thanks this week go to Lord Pithy, Dr. B Dawg, and some other guy for the questions!  On to the questions!

1. Weather or not? (Your best interpretation)

Gonna go with not.

2. What is the best response you’ve ever heard or given to the witticism, “Hot enough for ya?”

I saw someone hit a guy square in the face after this question once… I wish I had been the one hitting the “Hot enough for ya?” doofus.

3. As a cartographer, what just sets your teeth on edge when you see it on an amateur map?

It is not the amateur maps that make my blood boil.  It is the professional maps with crappy cartography that piss me off.  Look at USA Today’s maps… Those are affronts to humanity, and the creators of such should be thrown down a hole filled with hungry weevils.

4. Thor or Storm?

For weather? Storm, she has control of weather not just thunder.  To have the sex with? Storm again, hello white-haired African hotty. To drink with? Thor, he can always be the driver cause he has an amazing tolerance.  One from being a god, and the second because he is a viking and they were drankers! To be on my team in a fight? Thor… he’s a god, god-damnit!

5. What is the most beautiful weather event you’ve ever experienced?

Double complete rainbow, all the way.  Look at me, doing an internet call back to a dead meme.  Seriously, when I was 14 I went back-packing in New Mexico and saw a double complete rainbow.  But what does it mean?

6.  Which is better thinking weather, rain or snow

Hmmm… I would say rain… because I wouldn’t be able to think very often if I had to rely on snowfall.  Rain tends to happen more.

7.  Have you ever though about trying to get struck by lightning just to say you defied the odds?

Nope… That thought has never crossed my mind.  Maybe it should rain so I can think about that.

8.  Better looking on average, the weather ladies or dental hygienists?

Gonna go with weather reader ladies.  Those chicks have been vetted and are not limited by talent and skill.  There is a certain amount of skill necessary to be a dental hygenist, so the pool to select teh pretties is a bit larger for the weather readers.

9.  Favorite childhood tornado practice drill memory?

They were all so good.  Kneeling by the wall, asses in the air… that was a tornado drill, yes? This isn’t a set of repressed memories coming back, right?

10.  Would you prefer to live somewhere with regular snow or occasional hurricanes?

Regular snow over hurricanes.  Is there irregular snow?  Snow can be shovelled, while hurricanes destroy shit.

11.  What is an unstable airmass?

An airmass from a broken home? An airmass that is emotionally conflicted? An airmass with one leg shorter than the others?

12.  Warm front or cold front, you decide?

I’m going to go with a warm front… unless it is 90°+ F (32.2°+ C for my metric fans out there… “Hello, Canada!”) out there and then a cold front is appreciated.

13.  So, talk about the slow and steady decline of the show Storm Chasers.

The show started out really fun.  It was interesting to see the craziness of the hurry up and wait lifestyle of the storm chaser.  It has degraded into a soap opera about how egos implode in a camera laden situation.  So far most of the big tornadoes that have happened, seem to be happening away from the teams of storm chasers.  That and seriously Team Twis Tex, You should have put the $60K radar on a different truck. You will never be able to punch through a hail core with serious fragile jack on the back of your truck.  Get a new truck and grow a pair.

14.  Is the Squall line the quadralateral of extreme weather?

What? I have no idea what you are asking… A squall line is a long cold front that might… oh I get it.  Yes.  A squall line can produce nasty thunderstorms, lightning, hail, tornadoes, etc… and a quadrilateral can be a parallelogram, a rectangle, a square, etc… Math and weather? Who are you?

15.  So the weather radar, why did they start using that color scheme?  Green to yellow to red?  really?

I know, the most predominant color vision deficiency is red green, and yellow green is up there as well.  Adding fuchsia and white to the color scheme was a good touch, but really, red/green? Come on!  Walk away from that spanned hue sequence.

16.  So, your thoughts on the sandstorms in Phoenix, Arizona.ack! Sandstorm

They look very biblical, don’t they?  Seriously, some crazy visuals going on with the sandstorms.  Like a wall of nastiness.  I am pretty sure that it would have caused much issue with the kids’ asthma.

17.  Do you consider wild fire to be a weather phenomenon?

Not especially.  Wild fires could be started by weather events and the results of the wild fire could affect weather.  In fact, if the fires get bad enough they can start up a fire storm which is quite the spectacle, indeed.  

18.  So do you like the term “erosion” or the term “weathering?”

For the purpose of this 20 Questions Tuesday, I am going to go with “weathering.”  It sounds more throwback like.

19.  Weather Channel or Weatherbug?  Which is the better online weather forecasting system?

They are both pretty much free, so why choose. I synthesize my own forecasts by combining the 2.  Sometimes they are mildly contradictory so I am confused.

20. Tornadoes, WTF?!? (The “W” in this instance refers to the interrogative word “Why.”)

To teach you a lesson, jackass!

To recap:
I will not have to burden my good questioneers next week
The allergies… they are a actin up
I need a vacation from this 2 job thing
Or maybe just to make job 2 job only
Chinese for lunch today
mmmm Chinese
In the field yesterday
Going into the field tomorrow
I don’t like the field overly much
I have to fill out 3 timesheets at job 1 every other week
All three are paper
I fill out the paper
The admin of our section fills out a form
The accounting group fills out another form
Then it goes to payroll
I need out of here
In triplicate
Have a great weekend all