20 Questions Tuesday: 184 - Disappointment

Things are moving rather slow between in the process of making job 2 into job 1. This makes me afraid that job 2 will not be mine.  Needless to say, that makes me a little bit on the disappointed side… if one defines “little bit” as “massively.” There is still an outside chance that I will be able to claim the job as my own and wear it like a title belt around my waist, but that chance seems to be waning with every passing day. So, I have seen happier days, but this allows for a great topic for a 20 Questions Tuesday… Lemons —> weakass lemonade.

Thanks this week go to Lord Pithy, TheMikeStand, Chris Ring, Some Other Guy, and Wifey for the 20 Questions….  Onto the questions!

1.  “I’m not mad, just terribly disappointed.” Does that make you feel better or worse?

You’re saying that does not affect me at all in the least. Now if you were my mom or my dad, and I were still a child (ooooh subjunctive tense).

2.  What was the most disappointing movie ever? If “Phantom menace” is your answer (and it probably is), be specific about what made it so disappointing.

Well, 20 minutes of pod-racing and midichlorians sums it up pretty well. Oh, yeah, and “Are you and angel?” Learn to write dialog, you insanely rich bastard.

3.  Describe a time when you tried to mask your disappointment. What methods did you employ?

Christmas gifts from my parents. I have done hours of voice training to keep disappointment/incredulity out of my voice when talking to them on the phone on Christmas Day. A weird Santa wall-hanging and crappy green vinyl tablecloth that reeked of tobacco come to mind as some of the biggest offenders.

4.  Have you ever purposely disappointed someone?

I cannot say that I have. I think there have been times that I knew my actions would disappoint someone, but those actions were not done to purposefully disappoint anyone in particular. The disappointment outcome was merely a unfortunate or happy side-effect (pending on the circumstances).

5.  Have you ever been disappointed in a good way?

Ummm…. That is contrary to the definition of “disappointing.”  So, not really.  However there have been times where something that was disappointing ended up being for the best down the road.  For example, I was 25 points away from scoring high enough on my SAT’s to get a full ride accelerated college experience at UCLA and skip my Senior year in high school…. At the time I was disappointed, but, now, happily married for almost 15 years and 2 wonderful kids into my life, it was best that I did not go to UCLA in 1991.

6.  When you’re experiencing disappointment, are you the type of person to wallow in it until you’re numb and you just gradually move on, or are you the type who attempts to see deeper into the opportunity that is given to you? And if the latter, I hate/envy you a little.

I want to be the latter, but I am just not Zen enough for that. I typically don’t wallow until I am numb, but I am a wallower.

7.  Many times utter disappointment is followed by “I need a drink”, what do you reach for? What’s your drink of choice to console yourself? (Yoohoo and / or Mountain Dew are okay answers, if that’s all ya got).

The Green Mistress (Mountain Dew), is a daily vice, so there is no consolation in that particular drink… I often console myself with a big thick vanilla milkshake.

++editor’s note: 2 people asked the very same question++

8.  Have you ever fallen off a horse? Did you “get right back up?” Cuz that seems silly. I mean, clearly that horse has it out for you.

I have only ridden 2 horses in my life. One was named Bastard and the other was Diablo… I did not fall off of either of them, but I was doing absolutely as much as possible to not fall off those particular horses…. They did have it out for me. They had it out for me because they both hated their lives and I was part of it for a brief moment. Bastard bit one of the wranglers that day… then he looked at me and flicked his ears. I got the message. Loud and clear, horse… loud and clear.

9.  Disappointment you shouldnt have done
You couldnt have done
You shouldnt have done
The things you did then
And we couldve been happy
What a piteous thing, a hideous thing
Was tainted by the rest
Aaaah, the Cranberries, what is your favorite song from the Cranberries other than “Disappoint?”

“War Child” lookit up, you young kids, and get off my lawn.

10.  One of my biggest disappointments as a child was that the Cubic Zirconium rings sold during TV commercials were not real diamonds that I could buy my mother.  How has your mother… the TV disappointed you?

There was this trip my family took to New Orleans one year, and my brother, an exchange student from Denmark, some local people my fam knew, and my mom… er, the TV wanted to go walking around the French Quarter. I have no idea why, but my mom… the TV didn’t want me to go, and made me stay back in the room with my dad. I got to watch a pre-season show on ESPN about the NFL team the St. Louis Cardinals (how is that for a timeframe)…. Stupid TV and her non-sensical rules

11. Bigger disappointment the aroma/taste ratio  of coffee, or the aroma/taste ration of mall food court pizza?

Gonna have to go with coffee on this one, Chuck. Coffee is always tastes like charred wood, while mall pizza is still crappy pizza.

12.  Disappointment and disapparate  - seemingly unrelated words that sound a lot alike.  Thoughts?

Well, disapparating isn’t really a word, so there is that. Seriously, it is only a word in JK Rowling’s world, so, that’s disappointing, isn’t it?

13.  “I wish I had a great disappointment, a real one.”  Nastassia Kinski.  Seriously, what must be the life story of someone who would say something so dumb?

Wow, that’s a real quote? Damn. I don’t think that she has such a gilded life as much as she has a brain of jelly and the judgement of a dead fish


- I’m a fan of this motivational poster.  But I’m not Japanese.  Neither are you. No question, really.  Just an observation. 

Tsunamis suck… and not in that tingly good way either.

15.  Inevitably the newest Apple product is received with massive disappointment. Then they sell the hell out of it and we all wonder how we lived without it. (Case in point, my favorite new toy, the iPad). I personally think we all feign disappointment to cover our anger over having to shell out another $500 to The Man. Does Apple disappoint you? Are you covering for anger?

Actually the iPad has not really blown my socks off. It seems to have tons of potential, but I guess I just have not seen its utility just yet.

+++Editor’s Note: This post was written on an iPad+++

16.  Gender disappointment? Who knew?! Whatever happened to being glad the kid is healthy?

Sadly in this paternalistic society, it has been a long time since everybody was immediately happy with having a girl.

17.  More disappointing: stale cereal or spoiled milk?

Spoiled milk definitely. The stale cereal is only bland, while the milk is nasty.

18.  Are you disappointed with anything in this post?

So far I’m a bit disappointed with my answer to 16… I really could have brought more to that one… Histoic social commentary ain’t really bringing the funny, if you know what I mean.

19.  I once heard a guy in Philly say, “Bettah hurry up or yous gonna be late for dis appointment.” Is that even English?

That is, indeed, a form of English. Just like a Scottish brogue and a southern twang are English. What makes the English language (and Spanish {and to a lesser extent French}) super interesting is just how varied the language is because of how large a geographic actually speaks the language and how far the extremely distinct dialects are separated. 

20.  Why do parents consistently disappoint children?

Because children’s needs (beyond basic needs like food, shelter, and safety) are like a gas, they take up whatever room you give it. Keeping that in mind, that means that whatever room we give kids they fill with needs that we cannot match. Darn kids.

To recap:
So I grew up in Center Point, AL
The rents are fine
So is their property
Mom heard the tornado go overhead
She said it was loud
She did not, however, say that it sounded like a freight train
The “devastation” is kind of random
But in truth, the place had looked better
Dad had an appendectomy this weekend as well
My parents bring the drama
Wooooooo! Parents
Seriously, 67 years old and getting a gangrenous appendix
Oooh, I’m staying over night in the hospital and there’s a tornado
Oooooh, look at me, I’m in danger, will you pay attention to me now?
Jeebuis, Dad, we’re looking at you
I misspelled disappointment 47 times during this post
One “s”… just one “s”
Have a great weekend everyone