20 Questions Tuesday: 187 - Marathon

Well, I have decided to eschew the convention surrounding today and not make this post about Valentine’s Day.  Suck it Valentine’s day!  
This Sunday the lovely Wifey will be running a marathon in Austin, TX.  She has been training for 18 weeks, and the past 2 weeks, it has been many a topic of conversation. So, this week’s topic is the all encompassing topic of Marathon!
Thanks this week go to Brett Wood, Guido, Capt McArmypants, Chris Corrigan, Nadolny, and Steev.  Thanks for the questions!  Onto the questions:
1. I’ve heard you have to put tape over your nipples or else while running they will burn or get shredded or something while running marathons, is this true?

 Some people do still tape off the nips to keep from have bloody trails down their chest. The friction over 26 miles could definitely rub a nip raw.  So, to answer the question, Yes, it is true.

 2. Why would anyone ever want to run a marathon, well with cars bikes and what not, what is the point nowadays?

 I. Have. No. Idea.

3. I’ve always wondered what compels people to run, well what compels people to run?

It is a simple method of exercise.  Truly all you need to have to do this exercise is potentially shoes, but there is a barefoot movement going on in the running circles right now.

4. Are these people running really running away from things on a psychological level as well?

I asked my wife this and she nervously changed the subject and laughed a little maniacally.  I am obliged to say “no” though…. You can put the knife down now, Honey.

5. What is so enticing about running anyways?

It is a time to not be connected to the Internets, it is potentially a time in one’s life where a person could completely un-plug and be unavailable.  That seems like a good idea, so does a nap.

6. Have you ever run a marathon?  If not, now that your wife is about to do one, do you think you ever will?

If I can get my feet to not hurt when I run, I might train up for a half. I can honestly say that I am not super interested in a marathon. That being said, I cannot say with complete certainty, “Nope.”

7. Does your wife still have all of her toenails?

She sure does. After one long run in the training, she had some bruising under one toenail, but a switch in shoes took care of that.

8. Having run one myself, I empathize with the training effort.  Has she tried to force the rest of the family to eat better and exercise more than in the past?

She really wants me to start running. She talks about is constantly, “When you start running we’’l do…” “After you start running, there will be…” “Get off your lazy ass and start running already, so we can….”

9.  So in Marathon Man you envision a young Dustin Hoffman for that role:  a)  Did you read the book?  b) Is that what you envisioned for that character?  c) He still did a hell of a job didn’t he?  d) Princess Bride is better, but what is your favorite Goldman film?

a) Never read it
b) um… sure?
c)Hoffman rarely does poorly… although, Mumbles from Dick Tracy comes to mind
d) A toss up between his novel and screenplay for A Princess Bride and the screenplay for A Bridge Too Far.

10. So 26 miles seems pretty epic, but at the same time. The underlying story is that the guy dies after announcing victory.  a) What’s the hurry?  I mean aren’t you pretty much announcing: “Nothing to worry about. We won.” b) Then he died? WTF??!?!? Sounds like someone neglected their cardio?

Sit back folks, it is about to get all historical up in here…
a) The Athenians were fighting off the Persians only 40km away from Athens.  The issue was that the city was going to start evacuating and razing the city in a slash and burn program in 2 days to ensure the safety of as many citizens as possible and deny the Persians shelter and fodder.  Time was of the essence to make sure that process didn’t start up and create famine conditions for the city.  He had to get back as soon as possible.
b) Many people do not realize that Pheidippides had run 150 km the previous 2 days prior to the day of the battle, and only ran the last 40 km from Marathon to Athens on the third day of running.  He also did this in all his gear, which while not as heavy as what the Hoplites used, was still much more cumbersome than what people run in today.  His cardio was boss, yo.

11. So not to brag, but I have run so many marathons I can honestly not count them….about 8 years ago.  Now I wear a knee brace and take aspirin before going to get my mail.  When did you body start falling apart and when did you face reality that it had actually fallen apart.

Firstly, I can count on 0 hands how many marathons you have run. Even for the Olympic marathonners, running a marathon is not a minor feat, but to the heart of the question, until I am worm’s meat, my body is still “falling apart” and has not finished and hit the state of “fallen apart.”

12. Mad props to your wife!  However, I have actually gone running with your wife and I…. how can I say this…..did not predict this interest.

She is very much a non-traditional runner, but she is very consistent.

14. Have you chosen to follow suit?

Nope, I need to get a podiatrist to help out with my shitty feet first.

15. So what is the longest thing you’ve ever done?

I backpacked 56 miles over a 9 day trek in New Mexico when I was 14.  The Boy Scouts was a good organization once, it is too bad that it has not changed with the modern era.  A bit too antiquated in their thinking within that organization now.

16. Also Marathon is in Greece.  Have you ever been to Greece?  If not, what will you do there when you finally go?

I have not been to Greece.  If I go there, I am sure I will try to see some of the more historical tourist traps

17. Also, Panithinaikos or PAOK?  Careful  Your answer here matters!

I am so unknowledgeable of Greek footy that I cannot, in good faith, answer that question.  Sorry… or λυπημένος

18.  Marathon man the movie. Please discuss.

A very convoluted diamond conspiracy plot movie, where the main protagonist is a grad student… It is like a grad student’s fantasy… running through the park and then wrapped up into international conspiracy. In truth grad student life is sitting at a table hoping that snails mate, fish molt, algae blooms, lasers focus, data aligns, students don’t show up for office hours, the library has the book, (insert your own boring grad student task here).

19. Marathon Bar the candy. Please discuss.

Braided chocolate and caramel… how can you go wrong?  Oh, clearly you can go wrong because the Marathon Bar was discontinued in the US in 1981… is that Return of the Jedi’s fault?  You decide.

20. How many words can you make out of the letters in “Marathon?”


To Recap:
Happy Valentine’s Day
If you believe in that happy horse-shit
I have been drinking much more water lately
I have been feeling much better
Clearly I have been dehydrated
Now I have to pee all the time
Hydration = peeing
My pee is clear as glacial melt water though
It is warmer, of course
Not that I have touched it
Umm…. Disregard that last bit of information
Well, the last two bits of information
Completely disregard those
Send positive running energy to Austin, TX Sunday morning
I will post details about the marathon next week
Have a great weekend