20 Questions Tuesday: 197 - Napping


I have seven interviews going on concurrently.  I am on Q 5, Q 6, Q 11,  Q 7, Q 9, Q 5, and Q 2 respectively. Let’s just say that cake and pie are getting about equal amounts of love.  This week, I have found myself wanting to nap more because I am not getting enough sleep at night.  I should go to bed earlier, but that is just not in my circadian rhythms, but I am trying…. mainly so I can get away from the caffeine, and the only way I can survive that is with more sleep… or if I could find a time to nap.

Napping is quite possibly one of the most luxurious activities a human can undertake.  I love napping, but with the required items in one’s day, napping often gets pushed back.  So today’s topic is napping, and answering these questions is being done in lieu of actual sleep.  How is that for irony?

Thanks this week go to Brett Wood, Wifey, Chris Corrigan, Chris Ring, and Dr John.  Thanks all onto the questions:

1.  I’ve always wondered how long is the average nap and does average nap time change from country to country?
I would say that the average nap is right around an hour.  I would also say that the average nap time does vary from country to country pending on the acceptability of napping within the culture.

2.  When I take a nap and I wake up I always feel even more tired than I did before I took the nap, why is that?
I would suggest that it means you are operating at a significant sleep debt.  When you take your nap, it just reminds your body about how tired you really are.

3.  What makes power naps so powerful?
They are kind of like tricking your system into thinking it slept longer by not allowing any of the sleep cycle to really get moving.

4.  Did someone invent the nap?
Did someone invent air? Did someone invent trees?  A nap is just a natural thing.

5.  What exactly separates a nap from actually just sleeping?
Our cultural understanding of it.  In truth this question could be What exactly makes a snack different than a meal.  Napping is just sleeping in an unexpected time-frame.

6. Why am I not napping right now?
Because you have work to do and napping does not help it get done.

7. What does napping have to do with gender and social equity?
I think it happens with more of an age disparity than a gender one.  Damn little kids and their napping ways.  That being said, napping can be a sign of privilege. People with idle time can nap while people scraping to survive do not have the luxury to nap.

8. Why didn’t you major in Napping instead of Mapping?
I majored in Math… your whole clever pun is lost due to its basis in erroneous information.

9. Napping at work? Does your union allow that?
Nope, however, I seen it happening on many levels.  Collective bargaining unit as well as managerial.  At least napping crosses those lines.

10. When I was marathon training, napping was an important part of my recovery plan…no seriously, it was. That’s not a question. Rather a justification, but there you have it.
Okay, had to drop that you ran a marathon, didn’t you?  I am striking this “question” and moving on to your next one like this never happened… bragard.

10. The Napping House by Audrey Wood…children’s story book or nirvana?
I am unfamiliar with this book… Have you been holding out on me, Wifey?

11. What does “napping” mean in the context of kidnapping and catnapping?  (English is a strange beast, yo.)
This is pure guess with no research… I imagine that “Kidnapping” is a bastardization of “Kid-Nabbing,” where one nabs kids, or “Kid-Nicking” employing the British colloquial term of stealing “to nick.”  However, “Catnapping” is a type of nap where one does not sleep deeply or for a significant amount of time.

12. When did a nap save your life?
I don’t know, I think I slept through the threat and woke up none the wiser.

13. What are your thoughts and advice on napping in public?
Well, it really depends on where and when you are napping… Don’t do it at a fast food restaurant… period.  At airports, you need to wrap shoulder straps around your arms to make sure you wake up if someone messes with your stuff.  In a library I suggest finding a tome on 11th century French poetry and just sleeping like you were studying and couldn’t keep yourself awake.  

14. What explains the TFC (Toronto Football Club of Major League Soccer) defense’s proclivity for napping lately (and what can we do to keep it going?).  Personally I think that when TFC comes to our towns we should chant and cheer so much, just gently whisper, so they don’t wake up.
It is a shame that the front office at TFC really squandered such a base of support by the revolving door of coaches and the impermanence of the players.  I would suggest that the sleepiness of the TFC defense has to do with a lack of strong center back.  With Frings back in the line up, the defense should shore up a bit….  that being said, that defense is completely porous.  I think instead of lulling them to sleep, we should just distract them with something shiny.

15. Are you ready for you nap now?

16. What was your most embarrassing moment when you got caught napping?
I think it would have to do with amounts of drool, but I cannot actually recall an embarrassing nap.

17. How long is a nap vs. a sleep?
Anything around 3 hours and more becomes “going to bed.”

18.  Are you a napper?
Any legitimate chance I can

19. What is your favorite place to nap?
I am a big boy, I sleep on a bed, or at worst on a couch.

20. Are there any references on how to nap properly? What is the optimum number of naps one should have per day?
I do not know of a National Napping Guide (nothing showed up in a quick Google search).  I wish I could write a National Napping Guide.  My guide would include information like:

  • Keep a fan on
  • Sleep on a bed, you are not an animal
  • Set an alarm, you don’t want to sleep too long
  • Blanket, no blanket, that is a personal decision

To recap:
The angriest man in the world slurps his soup live a 5 year old
That makes for an interesting lunch environment
I am incredibly tired
I blame it on all the chatting about naps
I go to the foot doc again today
The feet, they are feeling better daily
I need to find more time to draw
Naps are one of the purest forms of relaxation that exists
Anyone interested in doing 20 Questions with me?
Or does anyone know of anyone that would be willing to do a 20 question interview?
I will interview anyone who is interested
It is hard to believe that it is only Tuesday
This is going to be a loooong week
3 20 Questions from now will be the big 200th…
Any ideas on how to celebrate?
Have a great weekend everyone

**The first royalty free image of someone napping that was not of a scantily clad chick in a hammock or a cute widdle kitten, although I am unsure whether the dude is actually sleeping