20 Questions Tuesday: 200

So, here it is, the 200th edition of 20 Questions Tuesday.  Can you believe it?  200 of these darn things.  I have a hard time believing it, and yet… here it is.  So it has been a long and arduous road leading to this 200th post.  A bunch has gone on in my life since I started 20 Questions Tuesday.  It has been 6 years in the making.  Sure 200 divided by 52 is significantly less than 6, but shut up.

I wrote out a long and tiresome post where I followed the rabbit down the hole of answering the question “Why?” 20 times in a row, but that was unproductive.  IT devolved rather quickly into  me getting angry at the question “Why?” and futilely screaming at the computer for no comedic or entertainment value whatsoever.  

I have a pretty big fish on the hook that is really a departure from the typical interviews I have been doing.  But that interview is on his timeframe instead of mine. He is doing me a favor, and I am grateful for that.  It would have been awesome it it were ready… probably be ready  in the next couple of weeks.

So, let’s deal with the 200 as best we can…

On to the questions:

1.  So, if the movie 300 were actually 200, how long would the movie be?
78 minutes

2.  200 cheesepuffs.  More than 1 bag?
Nope… exactly 1 bag

3.  200 yard dash?
I ran it in 4th grade… I wasn’t fast enough for the 100.  I also ran the last leg of the 4 x 100.  I came in 4th for both events.  There is no honorable mention in track.

4.  Why don’t you ever start with “Is it bigger than a breadbox?”
Because that is hack, and if there is one thing I am not, it is hack.  Eat my shorts.  I pitty the fool.  Where’s the beef?

5.  How many interviews have you done?
26 interviews, or 13% of the 200…

6. How many of those interviews are people you have actually met in person?  How many do you just “know” via the internets?
I will go with 8.5 to 9.  I shook hands with Andrew Mayne and bought an Andrew Mayne DVD from Justin Robert Young, but that was the sum total of my in person interactions with those 2 people.  So, in all I have had at least a meal with 6 of my 20 Questionees.  A strong 4%.  As far as how many I know online?  Going with 16 for an 8%.   

7.  So, you have some water at 200° F (93.3° C)… what do you do?
Steep some tea, bitches!

8.  So when exactly did you start doing 20 Questions Tuesdays?
18 July, 2006 is when I started doing the official 20 Questions Tuesday.  I had done a few 20 Questions, but not officially a 20 Questions Tuesday until 18 July 2006.

9.   What was happening 200 years ago today?
The Imperial French Army was amassing in Poland for its ill-fated push into Russia. Silly French Army

10.  What is different from 20 Questions Tuesday: 1 to 20 Questions Tuesday: 199 - Past Francis?
Well, I think the biggest difference is that I started actively seeking out people I find enjoyable.  Now, I am trying to intersperse the non-interview 20 Q’s within a majority of interviews.  That is why I have typically around 8 concurrent interviews going on.  That being said, there are relatively few people out there willing to spend the amount of time necessary to truly answer 20 Questions.

11.  If you lived 200 years ago, you couldn’t be married to your wife (Interracial Marriage).  Who would you be married to and why?
200 years ago, I would most likely have died due to my food allergies as a child.  I would have died by age 2 and been condemned to Hell because of our humanities shared original sin.  Wifey most likely would be dead on a sugar plantation in Jamaica

12.  If you lived 200 years from now and you couldn’t be married to your wife (for some reason or another {she came to her senses}), who would you be married to and why?
Some chick from the Moon, baby!  The Mooooon!

13.  Do you have any superstitions  or rituals concerning 20 Questions Tuesday?
I have a bevy of questions that I like to ask, so that seems kind of ritualistic.  It will be interesting if I ever get the opportunity to ask someone a second 20 questions, because then I will need to get new questions for the “Geographic Story,” “Cake or Pie,” “Fill in the Blanks,” “Superstitious Question 13,” and a few others.  I have not really noticed any behaviors of my own that seem superstitious in regards to the 20 Questions.

14.  So… it is the year 200 BC… what’s up, yo?
Well Eric, Olaf, and Baleog are traipsing around doing wacky Lost Viking things in the Fourth Time World set in the Amazon.

15.  So… it is the year 200 AD… what’s up, yo?
It is the classic age of the Mayan Civilization.  That and the Empress Jingu is attacking the Korean Peninsula.

16.  Could you eat 200 of anything?
Rice, Rice Baby.

17.  Why does the Committee of 200 have 400 members?  Can they count?
This confuses the hell out of me.  It is a Not for Profit organization of powerful women trying to empower more women… awesome, yes?  Of course, you are good god-damned right it is awesome.  It is also an indication that men are better than women at math and science.  400 is more than 200, Ladies…. I kid I kid

18.  What is up with the recap?
This is a legacy from my previous “typical blog” where I would post about something going on in my life and then recap with complete non sequiturs.  It surprised some people and was lifted wholesale without attribution as a device by others… not that I am still bitter.  I am bitter unlike dark chocolate, due to the bilious nature of my bitterness.

19.  So what are you taking from these 200 posts that you did not have when you started them?
That I need to be doing this.  That I get some sense of fulfillment doing this, and I need to figure out how to make this something more significant in my life.

20.  What’s next?  Be as vague or precise as possible.
I am toying with the idea of making a podcast edition and maybe get some Skype interviews going on.  The issue there is that this is not the most fluid of processes.  It would be interesting to look and see what came from a more traditional conversation that is constrained to 20 Questions.

To Recap:
Thanks for reading all this claptrap
So, last week we put the house on the market
Tuesday of last week
We had 20 showings before Friday
We had 6 offers
All 6 were good offers
We went with the best one
‘Cause we are not idiots
Well, we aren’t THAT kind of idiots at least
Our house was on the market for a solid 3 days
The house inspection was yesterday
We wait to see what that report says
Now we need to get to looking at houses
We need to find a house
Anyone have a four-level split you are willing to part with for cheapsies?
Have a great weekend everyone