20 Questions Tuesday: 203 - The Future

So this past week I was in the realm of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  A whole week of hanging out with the fam and not going to work.  That and I did not get any more of my interviews moving.  Plus, whomever I interview could probably not out do Clark Gregg and 4 boss artists drawing Agent Coulson.  Anywho… aside from finding snakes right by our room for 3 of the 7 days and my wife being deathly afraid of the snakes, all went well.  Luckily, because my intrepid questioneers are so amazing, I had 20 questions in my pocket that I was sitting on and waiting for a rainy day.  Today is that rainy day.

Thanks this week go to Chris Ring, Lsig, Dr JHP, and Steev… on to the questions!

1.  Where’s my flying car?
It’s in your floating garage.

2.  Do you believe in visions of the future or is it just deja vu … or a glitch in the matrix?
Okay, this is going to take some ‘splaining.  Time much like other dimensions can loop back on itself, the reason we have deja vus is due to time looping on itself and our coincidentally being unconscious at the “beginning” of the loop.  Here is the thing, time is constantly looping on itself, but we do not recognize the loop because of all the other outside stimuli we are experiencing.  Remove the outside stimuli and one is able to experience the “future” in a dream state.  So deja vus are when we are experiencing the future whilst sleeping, and then do not recall the future until it is happening.

3.  What under the radar sport will become most popular in the future?
A google search brings up KRONUM… I am at work, so I can’t look at this “sport.”

4.  Finish this with the most likely candidate “Rise of the planet of the __________”

5. I made a $10 bet with someone OVER 10 years ago that movie theatres would NOT disappear in 10 years, do you think I’ll get my money?
Nope… I would make the bet that you never get paid for that bet.

6.  When you think of The Future, how far ahead are you generally thinking about? Five years? Fifty? After lunch?
When I think of “future” I am thinking of 50+ years…

7.  Do you have a five-year plan?
Not at the moment… but I should

8.  Do you agree with the axiom, “There is no date but what you make?” (aka the “Terminator” theory of the future)
As stated before Time is not a linear unidirectional propagation… therefore there is no only one future… The future is limitless

9.  I’m often struck by how much we are living in The Future - touch screens, instant access to information, vacuum cleaners that run themselves,  etc. What technological advances in your lifetime impress you most?
The smart phone in my pocket is pretty amazing… that level of connection to others is pretty amazing.

10.  If you could make a wish to guarantee one thing for each of your children’s futures, what would you use your wishes for?
Significantly better healthcare… hell, our kids might be around for the Singularity… if you are not familiar with the Singularity… look it up, could be amazing.

11.  You probably will get this many times but where is my flying car?
It is in your floating garage… floating away in the ether never to exist.  Flying cars are a bad idea. They are not practical and I cannot imagine how dangerous they would be.

12.  Is the future really so bright that you gotta wear shades or is it just the hole in the ozone layer?
A little of Column A and a little of Column B.

13.  Do you believe we can glimpse at the future? Not winning the lottery per se but that odd sixth sense when some people know and prepare for something bad just before it happens?
Yes, I do.  I think that people with “true” precognitive abilities can just access loops in time better than others.

14.  Would you rather have the power to change the past or set the future?
Neither.  You change the past and your present is different.  You set the future and what is the point of decision making.

15.  Does Peyton Manning have a good future in Denver or not? A lot of people really want to know.
Payton will have 2 “good” seasons… not great seasons, and then he will be done. He will then become a rather well thought of quarterback coach, then offensive coordinator, and then a crappy head-coach… so it is written, so it shall be done.

16.  What will the world be like in the year 2000?

Much like it was in 1999, but with more manually corrected dates on checks. Remember checks… err… cheques?

17.  Time travel is always fun and the Toynbee Convector by Bradbury is my time travel story. Do you have a favorite story involving time travel and the travel and the future?
The Castings Trilogy by Pamela Freeman is pretty cool.  One of the main characters jumps back and forth in time to help resolve the plot.  It is a fantasy series though, and not a sci-fi series, but this is my blog, so these are my rules… deal with it.

18.  We’ve had the Ice Age, the Bronze Age, the Industrial Age and now the Information Age. What “Age” do you see in our future?
The Universal Age, where we find out that there is other intelligent life in the universe.

19.  If there is something you would really like to see come about in the future, what would it be?
Fat free products that taste just as good as the fatty versions, but are also healthy… guilt free donuts for everyone!

20.  If you had the word “future” in Scrabble, what would be the most points you could get for it?
30… I think.. double letter score on the “T” and triple word score on the “E.”

To recap:
There are snakes in Florida
The wife really really does not like snakes
She doesn’t want them erradicated
She wants them away from her
LEGOLand in Florida was a bunch of fun for the kids
It was a nice distraction from the wild world of Disney
Well, Capt McArmypants is now Maj McArmypants
Congrats to Maj McArmypants
Infact, I got some questions from the good Major for this week’s 20 Questions
From Maj McArmypants:
Extra 1.  2100:  So space travel, nanotech, AI, etc?  or will “Crabs in a Pot” Theory prevail?
All of the above.  The crabs in a pot will slow things down, but progress will always prevail.  Expert systems first (rudimentary AI), nanotech, then space travel.

Extra 2.  Biggest “future” invention you anticipate in your lifetime?
Clean fuel… something that takes less fuel consumption than it generates with no negative environmental side-effects.

Extra 3.  Gonna do Wetware when it comes out or are you opposed?
Definitely not 1st gen.  Maybe third generation with potential to upgrade.

Extra 4.  Is the whole “tweeting” thing proof that we should stop right now?
Nope, tweeting is awesome… follow me: @mmmmmpig

Extra 5.  So what is it with the Unitard and the future?  I mean I could honestly see the Toga making a huge comeback in the future, but I simply cannot imagine the technological breakthroughs that make the unitard standard issue daywear.
How about a toga over a unitard?  That’s where I see things going.

Maj McArmypants also had emergency back surgery for a bulging disc
Get well soon, McArmypants
Get well soon
Have a great weekend everyone