20 Questions Tuesday: 220 - Changing Seasons

Last week, I put out the call for questions because I was not sure if my last interview was going to be done in time.  Scott Johnson put on his boots and pushed through the last few questions on Monday and viola, Interview Gold!  I mentioned that I might post some 20 Questions as an addendum last week, but I was tired and had stuff to do.That being said, also, last week, the temp dropped 20 degrees in like 4 hours and then my sinuses just filled up… and kept filling. Ah, one of the signs of the change of seasons.  Ergo the call for questions about “Changing Seasons.”  therefore last week’s questions are this weeks questions.

Without further ado, Thanks this week, other than to the wonderful Scott Johnson, go to Brett Wood, Dr B-Dawg, Chris Ring, and AllRileyedUp

Onto the questions!

1.  What is your favorite season and why?
I love the winter, because it is crisp and clean and the bugs are done with.

2.  Which season is your most hated and why?
I hate winter because it is soooo damn cold.

3.  Any significance to the names of the season?
Not really… Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn… I guess Spring means something.

4.  Don’t know much about the season of the witch, but is that the Fall?
I will say yes.

5.  What do you think it would be like if we didn’t have any seasons?
Southern California

6.  Are you more of a “Fall” or “Autumn” person?
I like the Autumn… Fall is something I do regularly.

7.  Do you get your pumpkins from a patch or the store?
Usually from a patch.

8. How is the fall foliage in Ohio?
It is pretty darn awesome!

9. Is there any better stretch of year than the 60 days from Halloween to new year?
Hmmm…. now that you mention it… not that I can think of.

10. What is October named after?
Emperor Octavius

11.  How come we have 2 names for Fall/Autumn but one name for the rest of the seasons?
Because Fall is a verb, and not really a name… It is a colloquial name.  Spring isn’t called Grow and Summer isn’t called Cook.

12.  What changes more, The inside of your house or the outside of your house when the seasons change?
Outside of the house.

13.  Do you believe in the Great Pumpkin?
Nope… the Mediocre Pumpkin? Yes, this pumpkin grows from the pumpkin vine every fall and then allows itself to be made into pie.

14.  What’s your favorite season?
Fall.  I love all the colors

15.  What closes down at the end of summer that makes you say NNNOOOOOO!!!!!
My faith in humanity…. meh, change “summer” to “adolescence”

16. “Changing seasons” to me means “start of school” which means start of children’s fundraisers. why do we have SO MANY fundraisers? Don’t they understand that I only have so much money to buy pizza kits, gift wrap, and artwork on a mug?
They don’t care… they are near bankrupt and need the moolah, the greens, tha Benjamins…

17.  Ever seen the aurora borealis? I don’t know if that is close enough to topic but I’ve always wanted to see it.
Nope, I have never seen them.  I would LOVE to see them.  There is a pretty good shot to see them for many places this week, from what I understand.  

18.  Favorite myth about why the seasons change?
If there is one that involves Coyote and tricking someone… go with that one.  Always go with Coyote… If you meet Him, He will trick you, but you can count on that… it is what he does.  Always bet on Coyote.

19.  Hazy Shade of WinterSimon & Garfunkel or The Bangles?
Oh, most definitely, the Bangles.

20.  What is your favorite season?
Summer, (well near Summer) because that is when the entire family has their birthdays… May through July.

To recap:
The sinuses are better now, thanks for asking
I am knee deep in GPS points and the error inherent in handheld GPS coordinates
I am also elbow deep in a database that looks worse and worse every time anyone gives it any scrutiny
Stupid scrutiny
2 more weeks of course 1 in the new education quest
I am enjoying the course
I feel like I am doing well
I have a ton of reading to do now
And tomorrow
And the day after
And after that
Always bet on the Trickster
Hobbitsies are tricksy
Have a great weekend everyone
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