20 Questions Tuesday: 222 - Marathon

This week, on Sunday, the wife will run in her second marathon.  This will be the second time she will be participating in the Nationwide Columbus Marathon, but the first time she will be doing the full in Columbus.  Last year she did the half for the Columbus Marathon, and then followed that up this February by completing the LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon.  She is a badass and deserves your praise.  Anyway.. with the marathon looming on Sunday, today’s questions are all about “Marathon.”

Thanks this week go to Chris Ring, steev, Icy Yellow, and Some Other Guy.  Onto the questions:

1. Whatever happened to the marathon candy bar?
They “ran out of it.”  Get it?  Marathon… run… get it?  I slay me!

2. I hope she kicks Paul Ryan’s ass … ok, that’s not really a question but it needed to be said.
Sadly she will not be kicking Ryan’s ass, a sub-two is not in her future… that is what he said he did, right?

3. Does she have a certain goal? … I mean besides kicking Paul Ryan’s ass.
She has a time goal in mind, but more than anything, she is hoping for a good strong race that does not kick her ass.

4. Will she be wearing a wonder woman costume? (it’s almost Halloween)
That is for me and me alone.  No one gets to see her in the Wonder Woman costume, but me.

5. Has her cheering section trained for this event as well?
Her cheering section will be selecting multiple points of cheering, but knowing the route will help- with that.  That and there is a good possibility that there will be multiple cheering units.  When she did the Austin, my friend Brian and I were able to cheer her on at mile 9, mile 15, mile 20, mile 24, and I was able to watch her cross the finish.  I hope to see her 3 times on the course and at the finish.  There may be other people cheering her on as well.

6. “Marathon Man” was a novel written by William Goldman. He also wrote “The Princess Bride”. Do you think Andre the Giant could have ever run 26 miles?
Nope, his growth condition deteriorated his bones so much, that in the filming of The Princess Bride, his back hurt so much that he was in constant debilitating pain.

7. There used to be a candy bar called the “Marathon Bar”. What made it’s packaging unique?
The ruler on the inside of the packaging… So many people could not measure up to the packaging’s expectations..

8. Finish this joke: Why hasn’t Hyundai ever named one of their cars the Marathon?
To get to the other side?  I clearly don’t understand how this works.

9. “Marathon” is a song by Rush from their Power Windows album. Do you think Neil Peart is an overrated drummer?
I think drummers are often both over- and under-rated.  I am not a Rush fan, so I am unqualified to make this determination.

10. In the 10th season of Law and Order there is an episode titled “Marathon”. It is about a fatal purse snatching and stars Sam Watterson. Sam Watterson also starred in the film Capricorn One, a film about NASA faking the moon landing. NASA is funded by the Federal government and accounts for about 1% of the budget. PBS also receives government funding at about .00014% of the Federal budget. That being said, is it any wonder why Oscar lives in a garbage can?
Nope, it is clear.  Oscar loves trash, infact, he sings a song about it near continually.  For a grouch, he sings a shit-ton.

11.  Wouldn’t Marathons be better if you could do them inside a giant hamster ball? Run into shit along the way…
I think the downhill portions could be both “fun” and “extremely interesting.”  Other than that I  cannot imagine 17,000 hamster balls running through the streets of Columbus… but now I want to imagine that.

12.  Will she be carb loading the night before the race?
That is a very good possibility, in fact I will go out on a limb and say, Yes, we will have some kind of pasta on Saturday.  Will there be sauce? Of course.  Will it be a red sauce or a garlic sauce or a white wine sauce?  That is still to be determined.

13.  Do you need to be in any special shape to watch a marathon?
Well, to view the marathon from multiple points, it requires moving rather quickly from points A to B to C to the end of the race.  Do you need to be as in shape as the runners?  Of course not.  Don’t be silly.

14.  Didn’t you start running?  How did that go?
Well, I ran 5k and then stopped running promptly.  Should I run again?  You betcha, I have been allowing life to keep me from running.  Stoopid life and getting in the way of my fitness.  I need to go eat a cookie now.

15.  So how long has the wife been training for this Marathon?
She started this summer and has been consistently running all summer and fall.  It will be a welcome change to have her not training.  Training tacks a bunch of time.

16.  Do you ever want to run a marathon?
Hells no.  I might work my way up to a half eventually, but a marathon does not seem that reasonable to me.

17.  Have you ever participated in anything that had “Marathon” in the beginning of the title?
Officially?  Nope.  Unofficially? Sure there have been some “marathon” gaming sessions playing Civilization II and III and IV.  Hours upon hours of playing Civ, World of Warcraft, etc… However, I have not been able to do that lately.  Too busy to play games at the moment.

18.  What goes on after the Marathon for recovery?
is there any way to answer this question by asking a question and then answering it?  Yes there is.  An ice bath is a requirement for post marathoning.  That and lots of rest and tons of ibuprofen, the wife should be done with her soreness by the middle of next week.

19.  Do you think your wife will want to do more marathons?
Yep, I think she wants to do 1 a year and possibly a ½ marathon a year as well.  She really enjoys this stuff.

20.  Was this a marathon of questions?
Not especially.

To recap:
To recap:
I am 1/12th done with this degree
By January I will be 1/6th done
That is a good thing
It is going really well
The next class will include much more sketching
That is a good thing
Her number for the race is 4862
I think there is some level of race tracking that you can do if you want
It is Sunday morning and starts in the morning
Track it… just fiddle through the race website to find tracking
You need to
Donate if you wanna
Waaaaaay down on the left
Have a great weekend
I will post pics next week